Fantastic Destinations for Semester Holiday

25th, 2016
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Domestic or foreign holiday… Use your chance of two week semester holiday with a great travel plan. For the semester starting on January 22, tour companies have organized wonderful programs. Go to Disneyland and spend a day just like in fairy tales or enjoy the green in the landscape of the Black Sea.


We are going to Disneyland

You may make your children very happy with a surprise Disneyland trip to Paris. Semester holiday is the ideal time for children to step into the fantastic dream world of Disney characters. Mickey Mouse will welcome you and accompany you to the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. You may get on a roller coaster with Goofy all day and have dinner on the table of Sitting Bull. Disneyland is described as “the most entertaining place in the world.” These parks are not only designed for children; they are also magical fairy lands where adults spend unforgettable time in a dream world. Disneyland is situated in Marne-La- Vallee, a small French town near Paris. Disneyland, which was opened in 1995 having an area of 19 kilometres, welcomes the biggest number of visitors among similar parks in Europe. Having offered visitors parks, malls and hotels, Disneyland Resort has the most impressive Disney castle in the world as well: Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant. Disney Village is the centre of shopping and entertainment of the resort. You may find different options for dinner here. Planet Hollywood, The Rainforest Cafe and The Steakhouse are some of these options. In Disney Village, you may do shopping from Disney Store, World of Toys, and Disney Fashion. You may also have an opportunity to see Disneyland from the sky with balloon at Panora Magique Balloon. Disney Hotel, situated in Disneyland Paris, is the biggest Disney Hotel decorated with fascinating details of Victorian Era. Disney Hotel welcomes and hosts guests with the famous Art Deco style of 1930s New York. With marine theme, Disney’s Newport Bay Club has a style of a mansion from 1920s. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is ideal for nature lovers with its spot near the lake. You will feel as if in the splendid atmosphere of the Wild West in Hotel Cheyenne of Disney. Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe has also been decorated with bright and light colours of Southwest American style. Disney’s Davy Crocket Ranch, on the other hand, is a house in greenness, the gate through the magical world.


Discover the Black Sea

You may spend your semester holiday by discovering the hills of Giresun, Ordu and Şebinkarahisar Tamzara. For the first stop in the Black Sea tour, Giresun Castle welcomes you from the top of the hill, standing like a peninsula to the sea. The castle, which had been built in the 2nd century B.C., offers you the most beautiful view of the city. The castle has caves, temples and the tomb of Topal Osman, who was the special bodyguard of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Greek houses in Zeytinlik Quarter will impress you as well. You will be fascinated not only by the architectural nuances but also by the position of these houses, which had been built in 1840s, because none of them prevents the sunlight, view and circulation of the other.

Giresun Island is the only island of Eastern Black Sea Region. This island is assumed to have welcomed the Amazons, warrior women of history, and the Golden Horn, one of the most significant mythological elements of ancient history. It had also been one of the important shelters of Genoese and Venetian seamen in the Black Sea. Kumbet Plateau, surrounded by the most beautiful shades of green, is worth seeing. And Şebinkarahisar stands on two magnificent mountains: Mount Meryem and Castle Hill… This district is famous for historical heritage embracing the natural beauties. Ataturk Museum and Şebinkarahisar Castle are only two of these spectacular historical spots. The castle is located in a place surrounding hundreds of kilometres and estimated to have been built in the 550 B.C. After this castle, you may visit Tamzara Village, another destination known for historical ruins. You may see weaving looms and unique examples of civil architecture in Tamzara, which is estimated to have a history of 2 thousand years. Do not forget to drink Tamza water when you visit this place. It is said that this water improves intelligence and expanses life-span. And do not leave before you collect mastic and mushroom in Kumbet Plateau.

Cappadocia Every Season

Göreme Open Air Museum is the most striking spot of Cappadoica Tour. Would you like to know what else welcomes you here? Churches of Elmalı, Saint Barbara, Saint Basileus, Çarıklı and Tokalı, the oldest churches in Anatolia, The Three Beauties (Fairy Chimneys), offering visitors a breath-taking view as well as a sad love story, Sinassos (Mustafapaşa), a lovely Anatolian village where the sounds of church bells and Muslim prayer calls could be heard together and a mixed population used to live in peace, Uçhisar Castle, having the unique view of Cappadocia and an example of wonderful experiences for how people used to make masterpieces in ancient times, artefacts made of onyx, spices and other fruits typical of this region…Not to mention the hot air ballooning, the indispensable part of Cappadocia tours, and underground cities. Derinkuyu (Deep Well) and Kaymaklı underground cities, the biggest underground cities in Turkey and in the world, will mesmerize you with gorgeous details. Ihlara Valley is a must see place in Cappadocia with fascinating landscape and churches. By the way, do not forget to visit Salt Lake at the end of your tour.


Journey through the Balkans

Stone houses of green Balkan landscape, villages separated by stone bridges and big cities with the remains of several different cultures make the Balkans unique. You may visit the house of Mother Teresa in Skopje, the Stone Bridge dating back to the 6th century, old churches and mosques, train stations, the square and clock tower. Buying hand-made rawhide sandals for your loved ones is a great option. You will set out adventurous journeys from the old train stations of Macedonia. Seeing the historical Mostar Bridge and houses will be an exciting experience. Turkish Market, Atatürk Museum and Military High School are top places to visit in Bitola. The City of Tetovo (Kalkandelen), built on the Silk Road, gives the journey a different air with fantastic view and multi-ethnic background. Do not forget to taste delicious food in Tirana and have a break in Trebinje. Other must see cities in the Balkans are Kotor and Budva. Kotor is a coastal town which reminds you fjords and ranked in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its glamorous background and spectacular landscape. Budva, on the other hand, is a beautiful town that can be seen as the trademark of Montenegro architecture. We also recommend you not to leave the Balkans before you stop by at Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro. The hot air balloon ride is the best option to see nature wonders including Zeta and Sitnica Rivers, Lake Skadar, Moraca and Cijevne Gorges.



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