Farmers to Benefit from Boar Hunting Tourism

25th, 2013
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buAs in several other regions of our country, boar hunting which has become a serious issue for farmers in Fethiye as well will be a new enthusiasm for foreign tourists who love hunting. The Justice and Development Party District President Mustafa Ali Türkan paid a visit to Muğla Nature Protection and National Parks Branch Manager İzzet Bolatkan. Türkan and Bolatkan exchanged views on the natural life in Muğla whose 68 % area is covered with forests and discussed hunting tourism for boars which have turned into a nightmare for farmers in Fethiye. Türkan stated during the visit that many farmers tried very hard to protect their products against boars in recent years; yet, boars whose number has been increasing occupied the fields in herds and threatened the living areas occasionally.


Muğla Nature Protection and National Parks Branch Manager İzzet Bolatkan has reacted the demand of Türkan about boar hunting tourism positively and explained that there was great attention to boar hunting from other countries including Germany, Austria and Italy. Bolatkıran said, “Thanks to these hunting tourists who come in certain conditions and are bound to supervision, our facility, tourism administrations, village legal entities, farmers get the best of this situation. Tourists who have been currently hunting in Ula District might be directed to Fethiye so that we can solve the problem of our farmers.”


In accordance with principles accepted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry National Parks General Directorate on hunting tourism and according to the price list accepted by Central Hunting Commission, tourists paying their daily prices can build houses within the borders allocated for them. Hunters spend a great deal of money in village legal entities and the Ministry of Forestry as well with the price list based on the tooth length of each boar. When the other tourism intended expenditures and the income of farmers badly infected by boars are calculated, serious numbers might be gained from boar hunting tourism.

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