Fatal Roll in the Sky

24th, 2014
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fethiye_yamac_parasutu The struggle for survival of the pilot who rolled in the sky and fell in the parachute was recorded by cameras second by second in Fethiye. Another pilot and his passenger whose parachute cords broke on 1000 m high while they were trying the same move were rescued when they were able to open their reserve chute.

Paragliding pilots who came to Mount Babadağ in world famous Ölüdeniz District of Fethiye try dangerous acrobatic moves. One of these acrobatic moves is tumble which is shown the most dangerous acrobatic move. This move is done when the pilot circled in the air 360 degrees with parachute. Bringing minutes full of adrenaline to pilots, these challenging moves cause many dangerous moments in the sky as well. While pilots were trying tumbling in the sky in Ölüdeniz, they have a close contact with death and record these moments with cameras which they tied on their knees or heads. These shoots are shared on social media and become the most clicked videos on the internet.

He Records His Own Fall

Pilot Ali Çelebi works his parachute camera which he ties on his knee after he takes off from Mount Babadağ to the sky over Belceğiz Beach and starts his acrobatic trial on one of these videos. Rolling and tumbling in the sky, Çelebi loses control of his parachute while he tries to complete the turns. He falls into the parachute, the parachute cords are whipped around and his effort to open his reserve chute turns into a battle of life and death. The pilot is able to save himself from crashing to the sea after he opens the reserve chute on the last minute. Having fallen to the waters of Ölüdeniz in a short time, the pilot manages to get out of the water swimming.

The Parachute Cord Breaks

Another video shows Hungarian pilot Pal Takats with his friend having tandem flight from the runway on 1900 m on Mount Babadağ. Having performed acrobatic shows on different spots in the world, the pilot starts tumble move over Belceğiz Beach. The parachute cord cannot handle the weight caused by tumbles and breaks. Two friends start falling from 1000 m and are able to open their reserve chute in seconds. Takats and his passenger have a smooth landing on Belceğiz Beach thanks to the reserve chute. As soon as they step on the beach, Takats and his friend try to overcome the fear and panic they feel when they fall.


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