Fethiye Attracts Attention at Los Angeles Photo Festival

5th, 2015
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The exhibition of Turkey photos at Los Angeles Art Week, which has been organized for 11 years and become the meeting place of artists from all over the world, attracted great attention.

American art lovers received information related to the photos showing Turkish culture and traditions. The cover photo of the festival was the photo of Mount Babadağ in Fethiye this year. Photographer Mert Türkoğlu, the organizer of the exhibition, said, “One of our cover posters is Fethiye this year. I have made this poster thinking Salih Eroğlu, one of my friends from Fethiye, and his people in Fethiye would be happy for this gesture.” Architect and Project Director Salih Eroğlu who lives in Los Angeles had distributed thousands of promotional flyers about Fethiye in several organizations of NBA and Turkish Shows and Nights and given away uniforms of Fethiye Football Team at his stall in Staples Center.

Salih Eroğlu said: “I had come to America for my education in 2011. I have been trying to introduce my country and our football team for 14 years as much as I can. I have been doing these things to contribute to Fethiye in some way. I will always miss my hometown Fethiye when I am away from home. I am sending my love and respect from America to my people in Fethiye.”

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