Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTSO) Turns its Route to Babadağ

3rd, 2014
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The project named “OUR ROUTE IS BABADAĞ” implemented by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to receive a grant. The Chamber is to build a landing area for paragliding on 1200m and new road as an investment for this project. The alternative landing area to be added on 1200 m on Babadağ, one of the most significant paragliding centres in the world, will provide 12 month service on Babadağ. Parachute pilots who are still in the process of training for paragliding will visit our region more after the new landing area is completed on 1200 m.
3.7 km part of stabilized road reaching 1700-1800 and 1900 m will be furnished with interlocking paving stones so that transportation to this area could be safer. The project “Our Route is Babadağ” to be carried out in order to increase the attraction of alternative tourism values and accessibility in Fethiye is to last 9 months and the total budget is 989.843 TL. 75 % of this cost will be provided from GEKA as a grant and the rest 25 % will be paid by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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