Fethiye is Number One at Organ Donations

24th, 2014
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organbaısAKUT (The Search and Rescue Association) squads having performed many successful operations carried out a social event this time and invited everyone to donate their organs. AKUT members paid a visit to Dr.Uğur Çomak, District Health Manager, and donated their organs. The numbers given by AKUT members are good news for Fethiye. Muğla comes third at organ donations in Turkey and Fethiye is number one among other districts for organ donations.

It is Stated Fethiye has donated 1800 organs so far

Sadi Çidem, AKUT Fethiye Team Leader made a speech at the visit: “Organ donation is one of the issues that should be shown awareness. As the members of AKUT, we have come to visit the health manager here with 17 members and donated organs. It is a new development for us as AKUT Fethiye unit to join this example behavior which carries on for a while. We expect all the members of other associations to show their awareness on this issue. We think these attitudes will set an example to society. We want the people of Fethiye to have more awareness on organ donation.” Fethiye District Health Manager Uğur Çomak stated this attitude would set an example in Fethiye and said, “I always think AKUT unit an association supporting our health administrations. Their organ donations will set an example to societies. We started organ donation campaign on the 9th month of this year as the Health Administration of Fethiye. People responded to this matter very well. According to our statistics, we come third in the entire country. Muğla is the number one city when we consider the populations of cities anyway. We have started this campaign as the Health Department but it will not be our only campaign. According to the ranks of organ donations, İstanbul comes first with nearly 15 thousand organ donations, İzmir comes second with 11 thousand donations and our city Muğla comes third with nearly 8 thousand donations. Muğla has reached really good numbers when we check percentage rates in other cities. In Fethiye, about 1800 organs were donated, which is one fourth of Muğla.


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