Fethiye Protest Metropolitan Council

24th, 2014
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Cab drivers of Fethiye are very angry at Muğla Metropolitan Council elected from CHP (The Republican People’s Party). Taxi drivers joined the demonstration with 120 vehicles at Tuesday Market Square and protested new arrangements of Muğla Transportation Coordination Centre. Taxi drivers criticized Muğla Mayor Osman Gürün strictly: “Do not threaten our jobs. Do not cheat us of our rights.” Hayri Topçu, the President of Chamber of Drivers, shared the promises of Mayor Osman Gürün which he gave before elections. Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi told Gürün: “Ignoring the civil society organization directors and people chosen with the votes of people like us in Fethiye, you will obviously fail in the first eight months of the year.”

The cab drivers in Fethiye protested the new regulations including allowing 5 seats instead of 7 in commercial vehicles, limiting taxi ages with 10 year and confiscating license plates not used for 180 days. While hundreds of taxi drivers joined the demonstration, Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi, Hayri Topçu, the President of Fethiye Chamber of Drivers, all taxi cooperative managers and members supported the protests.


“First Activity of Metropolitan Council is 400 % Water Price Increase 

Wide safety measures were taken at the protests and Şaban Durmaz, the solicitor of Cab Services Cooperative, made the first speech. Lawyer Şaban Durmaz maintained that what the Metropolitan Council did after March 30 elections were seen clearly by the people of Fethiye: “We are here to share the enforcements of the municipality from CHP after the local elections taking place on March 30. The first activity of the metropolitan council was 400 % increase in water prices in Fethiye when Muğla Mayor Osman Gürün was elected. We know that Mr.Osman Gürün is just a guest in Muğla. We are also aware that he will leave his place soon. We want Mr. Gürün not to interfere our living. Those who do not support us in our struggle of effort have no right to threaten our jobs. The people of Fethiye should see what has been done to us. Muğla Metropolitan Council Transportation Coordination Centre (UKOME) has decreased the number of seats in taxis with 5 seats and limited the expiry dates of taxis with 10 years. They have also confiscated license plates not used for 180 days. License plates given by the Ministry of Transportation are tried to be stolen right now. We want to stop Muğla Metropolitan Council playing the earnings of taxi drivers who earn lower than minimum wage.”


Topçu, “Gürün Had Said “We Will Respect to Everyone’s Rights”  

Hayri Topçu, the President of Fethiye Chamber of Drivers, stated, “Mr. Mayor Osman Gürün had come to visit me before local elections. He used these exact words: ‘We will not play with anyone’s destiny. We will respect everyone’s earnings. We will not do anything before we ask you’. You cannot see this enforcement in anywhere but Muğla. CHP President Kemal Kıllıçdaroğlu always says, ‘We will not interfere with anyone’s rightful dues.’ Mr.Osman Gürün should hear this.”


“All Districts May Unite and We May Go To Metropolitan Council If Necessary”

Derya Koreli, the President of Fethiye Cab Services Cooperative, pointed out, “They will take our homes, cars, water and expect us do nothing. Have you ever seen such a municipal activity? Osman Gürün cannot break the law of state. We would inform other districts in Muğla and go to Metropolitan Council if necessary because everyone complains about this issue. No one should be upset, we will win our rights. See, Mayor Behçet Saatçi supports us again. He never created problems and always found solutions whenever we called him for 7/24 since he was first elected. They should come and see how municipal works should be done.”


 “You Will Fail in Fethiye If You Trust the Guidance of Wrong People”

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatcı stated, “I send my best regards to all taxi drivers. This is not a political meeting. This is a fight for bread and right. We have always supported our citizens struggling with difficulties so far. Metropolitan law was not accepted by Osman Gürün. However, there has not been anyone saying the law should be enforced like this. A person whom we always mentioned with great respect did not respect local votes and ignored civil society organizations. If you act with the guidance of wrong people, you will fail.  This is the real problem!  You have to respect elected people here. You will manage with them. OK, this is your choice! If you claim to rule this place with the guidance of wrong people, you will fail. You have chosen your own way!”


Saatcı Gives Notes from his meeting with Kılıçdaroğlu

Mayor Saatcı went on his speech:  “The mentality making water meters be installed at homes without sanitation system at hills an obligation is the same with the problems of our taxi and minibus drivers today. Mr.Kılıçdaroğlu had told me in our conversation taking an hour: ‘I would like to make a peace with our people as the party that always claimed respecting the rights of our people and yet has become elitist. I need people like you. Can you join our party?’ Mr.Kiliçdaroğlu had diagnosed well but if these people would make the treatment, it is a shame. Rest in Peace!”


“If You Embrace Everyone, Everyone Sees Your Difference!”

“I have been here for 15 years. Show me one cab stand newly opened in the city centre of Fethiye. Do not I have my own friends and colleagues at the party? Did not I know how to open new taxi stands and distribute them? Did not I know to start 15-20 municipal bus services before I talk to you? If you catch the balance, you will be successful. If you embrace everyone, everyone will see your difference. See the service price with S license plate from Fethiye Council was 100 TL and Metropolitan Council increased the price to 550 TL. Transfer fee of S license plate was 500 TL and it was four times more with 2000 TL currently. Others are almost the same. We have to do these transactions in Muğla. We pay for our travel fee and pay for our food. That makes 100, 200 TL or more expenditures… What will our people earn in winter anyway? No one has the right to have an eye on our income! We will follow this process closely” cited Saatçi.


 “If It Goes On Like This, It Will be Impossible to Complete 60 Months”

“When I visited Mr. Osman Nuri Demir at Yücelen Hospital in Muğla last week, taxi drivers came to me. They asked, “What will happen to us Mr.Mayor”. They share the same problem. 13 districts have the same problem. It is impossible to complete 60 months if it goes on like this. I don’t know how they will make it for 52 months after they made a mess in the first 8 months.”


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