Fethiye Remembers Martyrs

14th, 2015
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The Association of Kemalist Thought organized a march in order to protest recent terrorist attacks and commemorate martyrs. The protest march was supported by 17 civil society organizations. There was great enthusiasm to the march organized for the respect to martyrs.

Increasing terrorist incidents in the Eastern and South-eastern Turkey were protested with a march in Fethiye. 4 political parties, 17 civil society organizations, chamber representatives and members attended the march with Turkish flags. The march started just in front of Fethiye Municipal Culture Centre at Beşkaza Square and almost 500 people of all ages attended the march. Citizens kept a minute of silence and sang the Turkish national anthem here. The march carried on from Fethiye City Stadium to Private Esnaf Hospital and finished back at Beşkaza Square. The coast road of Fethiye was covered in red and white, the colours of the Turkish flag, for nearly 2.5 km. The group also shouted slogans and sang the 10th Year Anthem as well. Store owners and tourists nearby applauded the march and showed their supports.

Some tourists tried to take the photos of the group walking with Turkish flags by their cell phones. The police took wide security measures and asked people not to use any other flags or symbols during the march. After the protest march being completed without an incident, the group shouted slogans one more time.

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