FethiyeBecomes the Favourite of the Fair

27th, 2012
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Fethiye was promoted at World Travel Market Fair in which worldwide tourism approaches are followed and the route of tourism sector is defined. Our stall attracted great attention during the promotional works carried out as a part of Fethiye Tourism Infrastructure Service Association. Attendants were given promotional CDs, brochures and maps introducing our historical and touristic places according to the explanations.
Fethiye Hoteliers Association Administrative Board Member ZihniBilgiç and FETAB Councillor GünseninGünel attended the tourism fair in London held between November 5 and 8. The stall of Fethiye was flocked by visitors. The first impressions from the first organization before 2013 tourism season have come as positive reactions. Having been chosen by English destinations, Fethiye will keep its unique place next year as well.
London Culture and Promotion Consultant TolgaTuyluoğlu said they were pleased with Turkey although tour operators have increased prices: “They still see Turkey as an advantage in prices. Because the quality of products is high, yet, the market competition in prices with these market conditions is getting harder.”
London Culture and Promotion Consultant TolgaTuyluoğlu explained, “If Antalya wants to be a destination drawing tourists in 12 months, planes should fly therethe entire year. Flights except summer season will start soon. England is one of the biggest golf markets in the world. If we will get shares from this market, we will definitely need scheduled flights. There is a big demand from here to Antalya. Even though Antalya was not seen one of the first destination choices of the British, it has become popular at the last 5-6 years. We have reached half million very fast in English market. Surely we must say this; Muğla is still an important destination for the British and it will not change so easily. More than 60 % of arrivals go to Muğla, Bodrum and Dalaman. However, Antalya has more than 16 % from the UK now and it will probably go higher. If we can find more places in Antalya, we believe more British tourists will go there from here. Still, we see there is a great enthusiasm to Istanbul as well and it goes higher too. Istanbul is not just an attraction centre for the British but an attraction centre and travel destination for the whole world. The number of British tourists going to Istanbul is increasing day by day. Of course, the number of people going to Istanbul for business purposes is quite high.”
Tuyluğlu said, “If we include America, other markets will certainly want to get shares as well” and added, “On the other hand, our competitors at our nearby geography like Egypt and Greece want to cooperate with Turkey to get shares from overseas markets. Actually Turkey has an advantage for these overseas markets because we have Istanbul as a valuable destination. Istanbul is a city that can be reached easily from all over the world. Therefore, the cooperation demands of Greece and Egypt are not surprising. These overseas requests will be possible only if they make cooperation with Turkey. We used to go to the fairs to promote our own country and products. Now we see that they have started Turkey as a source market. As a matter of fact, we have held several meetings during this fair. We have seen there are countries trying to draw tourists from Turkey. For example, Greek Islands and Egypt want to get more shares than Turkey. Turkey has begun to become a significant market with more than 8 million foreign travels. Foreign attendants to tourism fairs in Turkey have been increasing.”
“There is nothing to be worried about the English market for Turkey. Unfortunately, this is the only market that has become smaller. Today, there is an increase in German, Russian, American and Dutch markets. However, there is a decrease in England market for other markets as well. England has become 7 % smaller for outgoing in total in comparison to the former year. Turkey is in 6% decrease. Actually, our diminishing is normal for general market conditions. When we think about the economic crisis in the UK today, we could have been in a much worse condition. So when we consider 6% decrease, market conditions and problems of big tour operators, it is not a bad outcome. Problems of the England market actually are based on 5 years ago. The British have started to buy less foreign travels since 2005. The main reason is the increase in oil prices. Tax burdens caused by the economic crisis have also increased travel expenses in the UK. So the British go abroad 20% less now. It equals with almost more than 10 million vacation numbers annually.”
Tour operators that we have interviewed at the fair stated they were very pleased with the paid monies in Turkey despite the increasing prices. They still see Turkey as an advantage for prices because they think the quality of products purchased in price equivalent is higher. Yet, they draw the attention to the market conditions. Of course, there are other destinations that you compete and it gets more difficult to compete with them in prices day by day. Our products are not worse. On the contrary, they are much better. There is a huge potential that we could not present ourselves and has never come to Turkey yet. They are not aware of this quality and price balance yet. We used to sell vacation to England evencheaper than Spain, Greece and Portuguese 2 years ago. At this point today, Turkey sells more expensive holidays than Spain, Greece, Malta, Bulgaria and Portuguese.
The most dramatic change at the sector is certainly seen on the online market. In addition to this, we see there is more increase in independent travel demands. Online market has an effect on this, but increasing plane numbers and consumer trust are the actual reasons. Package tour market has been diminishing for a while in the UK. Especially tour operators take necessary precautions for this. They organize 64 % package tours and 36 % independent tours to Turkey. There has been 50% increase in independent travels to Turkey at the last 5 years. 76% British tourists came to Turkey by package tours in 2005. The increasing number of planes is very important. More airline companies organize trips between Turkey and England. Consumers have started to trust Turkey more.
Contrary to popular belief, the British do not only come for the sea, sand and the sun, but they also come to our country for culture tours. According to our research, 24 % of them go on culture tours. 71% visit ruins or museums during their vacation. This rate is quite high. When we ask how they see Turkey, 68% describe it with the sea, sand and sun while 50 % explain that they see our country as history and culture. So what make us different is our historical and cultural values as well as the sea and sun. Of course, it increases our value as a brand.
According to the data of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK, there are 50 thousand British citizens having residency in Turkey. It is a huge number that we have reached in a very short time. I don’t think these people are not satisfied with Turkey. I don’t think they tend to go to other places. One of the reasons they prefer our country is that it is more advantageous to purchase real estate in Turkey than in their own countries. Surely, they have a big contribution to us; however the thing we must be careful about is its relation with tourism. In my opinion, some of these houses are being marketed for rent. If it is done legally, there is nothing wrong about it because you are in competition with legal hotels then. There should be permissions and controls to do this, otherwise it will cause unfair competition. In this respect, I think they are pleased with Turkey but Bulgaria tries to get share from this market. Greece and Spain are also the countries in which the British purchase houses and live. Others will be in this market too. There will always be competition.
When we check 9 month data from the UK, we see 2.080.326 people visited our country this year and 2.210.886 people visited our country last year. We have approximately 130 thousand losses here. We should not forget this either: Turkey has grown very fast in England market. We have grown 30% in 2004 and 2005. According to this, planes, demands and planning are adequate. It is not easy. Tour operators cannot change their plans during the season within a year. Turkey has grown 50 % at the recent 5 years. We have grown 10 % in 2010. Turkey is in a better condition at the market and everything is being settled. It will find its own balance. As the Ministry, we never would want to lose our market share. We need to understand the changes in the market. We see the situation in England temporary and think Turkey will go higher.
We are getting ready for the publicity campaign for the next year. We are going to allocate 5 million dollars directly for advertising budget and 1 million dollar for the common adverts as the Ministry. Our arrangements carry on. We will try to draw the attention to the history of Turkey first in 2013. Secondly, we plan to draw the attention to the product diversity. Besides, culture tours, health and thermal tourism, winter tourism, country tourism are some of our products that will surprise the consumers.”
(FG) Source: www.turizmdebusabah.com

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