Fire at Bird Sanctuary

27th, 2013
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buA fire broke out at reeds which is a sanctuary of wild birds. The fire department teams could not enter the mushy area and had difficulty in responding to the fire so 20 decare area burnt to ashes.

The fire started at about 05.30 p.m. at the reeds near Çalış Beach Köçek Mustafa Street. A sprinkler and 2 fire engines responded to the fire. The fire department had difficulty in entering the mushy area and took precautions to prevent the flames from spreading around the reeds. During the 45 minute fire, the wild birds living in the reeds were seen flying one by one. The fire department teams responded to the flames reaching the coastal regions and the fire could only be taken under control after the reeds burnt to ashes.


An investigation started to find out the reason why the fire causing the bird sanctuary to burn into ashes started in 20 decare area. The authorities consider the possibility that the fire might have started because of the citizens who wanted to burn the rubbish.   (FG)

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