Fire at Fethiye Fish Market Frightens

14th, 2015
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The fire starting from the chimney of a fish restaurant at the fish market in Fethiye caused fear and panic.

It is reported that Municipal Fire Department was called for the fire assumed to have started from a chimney at fish market. While the restaurant staff was trying to extinguish the fire using fire extinguisher tubes, the fire spread and reached the roof. When the fire spread from the roof to the other stores nearby, 2 jewellery shop owners evacuated their shops for precaution and a clothing store was damaged by the water and foam used for extinguishing fire. The other store owners and domestic and foreign tourists watched the fire extinguishing works all this time. The roof of the restaurant has completely been burned and damaged.

The fire department prevented the fire to reach the other stores nearby and took it under control. The police closed the street for security measures. Some citizens tried to record the fire extinguishing works by their cell phones. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the police and fire department.

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