First Tourist Group from Azerbaijan Arrives

27th, 2013
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azeri turistler dalaman'da The first tourist group coming from Azerbaijan to Dalaman District was welcomed with carnations at ATM Dalaman International Airport. ATM Dalaman International Airport General Manager Güvenç said, “Azerbaijan citizens are the most loyal friends of Turkey. We are delighted to welcome our friends in our region.”
“These flights will continue. We predict that there will be more flights within the next years.” A319 type plane that made its first flight from Baku to Dalaman was welcomed with a ceremony at ATM Dalaman International Airport. Passengers getting off the plane making its first flight to the region were welcomed with carnations by the Airport staff. Azeri tourists thanked for the great attention of the terminal staff. ATM Dalaman International Airport General Manager Hamdi Güvenç welcoming Azeri tourists for the first time expressed his delight for welcoming Azeri passengers in Dalaman after the arrangements carrying on for a few years. Güvenç explained that they took part in tourism fairs taking place in Azerbaijan twice and carried out a series of arrangements to bring Azeri tourists to Muğla Region: “As a result of our arrangements, our first passenger plane has come from Azerbaijan with the great contributions of our governor. Dalaman is almost becoming a popular destination. Güvenç pointed out that they participated in tourism fairs in Azerbaijan twice and said, “We have made a good introduction for our region with the supports of our tourism consultant Mr.Seyid Ahmet at our last visit. These flights have been arranged thanks to these introductions. Our region should be introduced more there. We will extend this with both invitations of journalists and info tours. I would like to thank our consultant there from here. As you know, Azeri citizens are the most loyal friends of Turkey. We are delighted to welcome our friends in our region.”
Flights to Continue
Güvenç stated that the plane with 120 people capacity landed in the airport with 115 passengers from Baku and it was just a beginning: “This first plane is an A319 with 120 people capacity and arrived with 115 passengers. This is a trip organized by a firm named Summer Tour which is one of the biggest tour operators of Azerbaijan. These flights will continue. We believe these flights will increase within the next years.”
Muğla Region Introduced to Azeri Journalists
The General Manager Güvenç pointed out that they brought Azeri journalists to the region in order to increase touristic activities and introduce our region and said that, “We had welcomed Azeri journalists in our region a while ago. Azeri media has started to introduce our region as a good touristic destination as well. Our promotional works for our region will carry on in Azerbaijan. We will share the great developments for our regional tourism within the next days with you as well.”
Azeri Tourists
Rafael Hüseyinova, one of the Azeri tourists choosing Turkey for vacation, said it was their first time in Turkey, “I hope I will enjoy my vacation here. We wanted to come to Turkey and see everything ourselves. Our friends coming here for vacation had said that Turkey was very beautiful. And we wanted to come and see ourselves. I don’t think there will be any problem during our vacation. I searched on the internet myself as well before coming for vacation. The bays and historical sites of Muğla are great. We wished to see these beauties ourselves.”

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