Flies from 1700 metres with his prosthesis leg

12th, 2012
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 67-year-old Australian tourist, Phil Tohnston, who was on holiday in Fethiye, flew from the 1700 metres high flying running track with a tandem parachute with his prosthesis leg. Phil Tohnston who lives in Australia lost his leg 15 years ago as a result of an illness he had. Tohnston who could walk with a prosthesis leg wanted to have a tandem flight in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye where he came for a holiday. Tohnston who climbed to the top of Babadağ Mountain at noon had a tandem flight from the 1700 metres high running track.
During his flight, Tohnston was accompanied by parachute pilot, Hüseyin Akçay, from the paragliding company Gravity, and took of smoothly despite he had difficulty in walking. After his thirty minutes flight, Tohnston whose joyful manners attracted attention landed down on the Belcekız Beach. Tohnston who could lad down with the help of two people became the focus of attention.
A splendid feeling
Tohnston who told that he had a great pleasure in flying said that “everything was very nice in the air. I recommend everyone to experience this feeling.”

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