French woman’s organ donation saves 3 lives in Turkey

12th, 2012
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The organs of a French plastic surgeon who died in Turkey last week have bought new hope to three Turkish patients.

Emmanuelle Cartier Meylan, who was in the southern province of Antalya for a holiday, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage after falling while water skiing. She was rushed to the hospital but died two days later. Meylan’s daughter, who is studying medicine, decided to donate her mother’s organs.

“My mother was a keen lover of Turkey. Her best friends live in İstanbul. I donated my mother’s organs since she loved Turkey so much,” stated [Meylan]’s daughter.

[Meylan]’s kidneys were donated to 45-year-old Emine Bilensoy and 31-year-old Betül Yıldız, while Meryem Öztürk was the recipient of her liver.

“I have been suffering from liver failure, and it is as though we experienced two Eid al-Fitr’s after the donation,” said Özturk. “I felt as if as I was reborn.”

The kidney transplants were performed at Akdeniz University Hospital, and the liver transplant surgery took place in the Anatolian province of Konya’s Selçuk University Meram Faculty of Medicine Hospital.

Meanwhile, the organs of another woman who died of a cerebral hemorrhage after witnessing a bomb blast in the southern province of Gaziantep on Monday were also donated.

The victim, Farma Erder, allegedly went into shock after hearing that seven people were killed in the explosion she had witnessed. The 45-year-old was rushed to the hospital but died after spending two days in intensive care.

The relatives of the woman, who is the mother of an officer at the İstanbul Police Department, donated her heart and liver.

“My wife was shocked after witnessing the explosion. We took her to a hospital where she lapsed into unconsciousness, said Erden’s husband, Yakup Erden. “We condemn such assaults. We want our state to find a solution to prevent these kinds of incidents.”

Resource: Today’s Zaman

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