Garbage alarm in Büyük Boncuklu Bay

12th, 2012
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As one of the world’s most famous tourism centres, the most important potential of Fethiye is its bays. The bays are famous with their facilities and their cleanness. What about the bays that are not run?
After Ramadan Holiday, the scenes from Büyük Boncuklu Bay are very upsetting. In the bay that was cleaned by thee environmentalists over every inch, garbage hills raised.
Büyük Boncuklu Bay that is not run by any institutions has turned into a kind of rubbish heap after the holiday. When the rubbish is left behind by the visitors despite all the warnings signs, unpleasing scenes have appeared. In the entrance of the bay, prophet Muhammed’s saying “The one who leaves his rubbish behind in the place he eats will not get any benefits from his children” and Fethiye Clean Environment Movement’s warnings; “Only one plastic bottle lasts ten thousand years” and “Take away your rubbish with you, just like your memories” did not work.
The representative of Fethiye TEMA (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) foundation, Okyay Tirli, stated that they had cleaned the bays that were not run with the volunteers two months ago and added that “We have done activities that have been going on for two years. We took only a two months break. The places we mentioned are under the structure of the directorship of preservation of Natural wealth. That is why they are not run by any institutions. As a civil association, with the support of the municipality of Fethiye and the trade Chamber of Sea in Fethiye we have organized some activities. But we always face the same scene. We take things such as ventilators, blankets and tires out of the sea. Still we have no intention of giving up.”
Oktay Tirli said that they want this area to be kept under control and added “it should not be that much unprotected. Fethiye is gaining a different position. There are works of becoming a trade mark. The representative of our civil association is working on this matter, too. I hope they will be successful. We are ready to support the works for tourism and agriculture. We make contributions to these as much as we can. I have hope.” Oktay Tirli who said that they had been having the same problem in the 1,600-metre-long coastal area of Muğla and expressed himself as follows “We cannot hear about these problems as there are not any sensitive journalists like you. I have many photographs of the environmental pollution in the area. We will not give up. We will keep working. We will overcome these problems and raise the standards.”

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