Gendarmerie’s Careful Investigation Reveals Murder

26th, 2013
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The businessman was killed at Fethiye-Antalya highway by 8 people who tried to steal his money. As a result of comparing the 97 fingerprints found in the scene with 7 million fingerprints nationwide, suspects Murat Y, his girlfriend Yeliz Y and V.D. who were taken under custody were sent to the court with steel vest. The businessman had come from Gölhisar to Fethiye and other villages near the town for white goods sale and after dealing with sales for all day, his van was stopped and he was killed with a gun and knife according to the statements of 4 suspects. After the statements of 4 suspects, 4 more suspects were caught and the police extended the inquiry. The incident happened at the 30th km of Fethiye – Antalya highway where 3 murders had been committed before and the event was revealed based on the fingerprints on the gun and the victim. Fethiye Chief Public Prosecutor and Fethiye Gendarmerie Command teams found fingerprints on the body and gun which was fell near the van and the investigation carried on for 2 months. 97 fingerprints taken from the crime scene by the Gendarmerie Crime Scene Investigation teams were compared with 7 million fingerprints in the entire country. According to the information given by the authorities, the fingerprint on the victim fit with the fingerprint of the retired policeman Murat Y, which was found on the murder weapon and he was taken to technical surveillance. All the security cameras of the nearest petrol stations and markets to the scene at the 30th km of Fethiye – Antalya highway and Nif Arpacık Village where the victim had come for sale were closely investigated one by one. The police also discovered that Murat Y was following the businessman Ali Süslü with his car.

Allegedly, Murat Y, the father of 3 children and retired policeman due to disability, met the businessman Ali Süslü for the bar opened in Dalaman to do shopping with his girlfriend Yeliz Y. Murat Y asked Ali Süslü to borrow money. When things did not go as he expected, he had to close the bar. Due to his debts, Murat Y asked to borrow debt from Ali Süslü almost a week before the murder with Yeliz Y. Ali Süslü harassed Yeliz Y at that moment so Murat Y and his girlfriend got angry at him. They left before taking the money for debt. At the day of the murder, Murat Y, Yeliz Y and their friend V.D.(25) started following Ali Süslü in Nif Village. They left V.D. at the junction of Kemer Gerişburnu District to watch the road and let them know about any possible gendarmerie follow. When they arrived in the scene, they stopped a car immediately. By the time Ali Süslü was trying to call for help, Yeliz Y grabbed her gun and shot him twice. One of the bullets missed the mark while the other hit Ali Süslü. Murat Y entered from the passenger door into the car and tried to stab him a few times. Murat Y took 1300 TL in the pocket of the businessman Ali Süslü and left the scene with the same vehicle. Yeliz Y got nervous and fell her gun to the ground. Murat Y and Yeliz Y took V.D. that they left at the junction to watch the road at Fethiye Road, cleaned their clothes in blood and returned Dalaman.
After the body was found, the blood samples, fingerprints, business and family problems were investigated thoroughly and the police talked to the many people in the places where the victim did shopping and looked for clues. At the investigation, the fingerprint of Murat Y fit in the fingerprint on the body and in the scene and first Murat Y (39), Yeliz Y (22), M.E (23), G.A.Y(28) were caught after technical surveillance, then the other suspects V.D (25), M.T (43), Ç.U (20), A.Y (36) were arrested. Fethiye Chief Public Prosecutor Ergün Tokgöz and Fethiye Garrison Commander Gendarmerie Major Faruk Akıncı took the statements of the suspects Murat Y and Yeliz Y personally and the suspects confessed that they committed the crime due to honour killing and took 1300 TL from the victim as well.

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