Good News from Saatcı: Associations Gather in One Single Building

11th, 2012
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Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi and deputies Mehmet Yılmaz Cesur and Metin Talaş visited Solidarity Association of Veterans & Martyr Families. The mayor gave several good news saying shortage of vehicles for martyr families to be solved, and the association will be brought to a beautiful location than ever before. Besides municipal services, Fethiye Council has done great things for non-governmental organizations, education and in terms of social municipality for 13 years. They provided the information about the associations during their visit to Solidarity Association of Veterans & Martyr Families.
“I Will not Let the Martyr Families Pound the Pavements!”
In his speech during their visit, Mayor Behçet Saatçi said “We make return visit to the Martyrs’ Association. We had a promise to keep. We will provide the vehicle they need for a very cheap fee. I will not let the martyrs’ families pound the pavements for a vehicle.”
The building which Solidarity Association of Veterans & Martyr Families use was also provided by the Council, and now there will be a renewal together with Town Square project. “They will move to their new building by the end of July. We work hard to keep our promise.”
Solidarity Association of Veterans & Martyr Families Chairman Süleyman Şahin said “Our mayoralways supports us. We are very proud of him.”
Mukhtars and disabled will also have an association building…
Mayor Saatçi said “Projects are ready. We wait for the procedures for Mukhtars’ Association building. Besides, several associations like Six Dots Foundation for the Blind, Association on Mental Retardation and Association for Disabled people will gather in one central building.”

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