Green Sea Turtle Found Dead

15th, 2015
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caretta caretta öldüEndangered green sea turtle stranded to the shore in Fethiye. His head was tied on a parquet stone. An endangered green sea turtle which was tied on a parquet stone was found dead in Fethiye. A couple walking on Akmaz Beach in Kargı District in Fethiye saw a green sea turtle in the sea. As they noticed that the turtle was not moving, the couple tried to help but noticed that it was dead. The turtle was taken out of the sea in difficulty and his head and flippers were tied up on a parquet stone. The turtle was reported to Sea Turtles Search Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Ortaca. Holiday-makers seeing the turtle on the beach took its photos.



Environmentalist Ali İhsan Emre doing researches on sea turtles in Fethiye explains that endangered green sea turtles do not eat meat and feed from the weeds in the bottom of the sea: “Fishermen see this turtle as a threat to them. Probably, it was a fisherman who tied its head to a stone when he saw it was entangled. This animal goes to the bottom of the sea and dies if it cannot breathe. Fishermen think they own all the fish in the sea. This is so wrong. This species must be protected.”

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