27th, 2013
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Dilek Sürgün, who waits for face transplant in Milas, has got married to Hüseyin Ünlü. The couple had met while Dilek Sürgün was getting her treatment. Sürgün said, “I had terrible days but it’s all over now.” Milas Mayor Muhammet Tokat solemnized the marriage of the young couple and Milas District Governor Mehmet Bahattin Atçı was ready as a witness at the ceremony. Dilek Sürgün (34) had a traffic accident in 2004 in Elazığ and was severely injured. After the incident she got more than 60 operations and decided to have a face transplant when her face was still unrecognisable. Dilek got depressed during this process and decided to live with her family in Milas. Dilek has been waiting for face transplant for 6 years and met a young man named Hüseyin a year ago on February 12. The couple fell in love with each other and started to spend the treatment process together. Having been waiting for face transplant hopefully with hospital reports, Dilek got married to Hüseyin Ünlü (38) with a ceremony at their anniversary. Milas District Governor Mehmet Bahattin Atçı made them wear their wedding ring while Milas Mayor Tokat solemnized the marriage. The witnesses of the wedding ceremony were Milas District Governor Mehmet Bahattin Atçı and a citizen named Nihat Yıldırım. Mayor Tokat gave Dilek the marriage certificate and Milas District Governor Atçı gave two cumhuriyet golds to the couple as wedding present.

Dilek Sürgün who made an explanation after the wedding explained this process as hard and troubled said, “Me and my family had hard times. I have still been having difficult times. But it is obvious that people in my condition should be really strong. I had hard times but it is over now.” (iha)

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