He builds a boat on the balcony but cannot launch it

29th, 2012
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He has built a boat on the balcony but has not thought how to launch it. 70-year-old Yener Vicir who has constructed a 5 -meter-long and 1.60m wide boat has been thinking how to launch this half a ton of boat into the sea.
The balcony in which the boat has been built is 10 -metre -high and into the dead end the apartment is located where even cars have difficulty to enter. This event which is like a joke has taken place on the 30th Road in Karagözler neighbourhood. The retired carpenter who is interested in the sea has decided to build a boat for himself. Vicir has started to build a boat on the balcony of his neighbour that lives 300 meters away from the sea. Vicir who has not used any machines to built the boat which he started last May. However he has not thought how to launch the five-meter-long 1.60m-wide-boat into the sea.

If we cannot launch it we will turn into a museum
Yener Vicir who has been interested in sea for years told that he has spend his life in the yacht cabins. Vicir told that although he had sold the boat he owned, his desire for the sea never ended, and noted that he had spent about ten thousand TLs on the boat he built. Vicir said that the name of his old boat was “Gülfidan” but he had not named his new boat yet. Vicir is thinking of carrying the boat into the sea by a digger. He continued as follows: “I am very interested in the sea. I asked my neighbour if I could build a boat in his balcony and he let me to do it. The boat is totally hand-made. All parts of it are meticulously built. All the wooden parts are sawed. When it comes to the matter of the road, it is a dead end. I have been thinking of using a digger. I have been thinking placing it on a tractor. If we cannot get t down from the balcony we will turn it into a museum.”

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