He Comes from England to Catch the Conmen

25th, 2016
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İsmail Y (41) came from England and helped the police catch the suspects who conned his friend two months ago.

İsmail Y contacted the conmen and came to Fethiye. He helped the police catch the suspects.

İsmail Y works as a barber in Manchester. He has been trying to catch the conmen who had sold his friend forged British Pounds in exchange of Turkish Lira in Turkey 2 months ago. Having tried the same way as his friend, İsmail Y called the number on Facebook. He spoke to Adem Ö, 28, and Hakan O, 26, who live in Fethiye and had a deal with them to receive the pounds worth 90 thousand TL in exchange of 50 thousand TL. He claimed that they said the English currency was found in a bag belonging to a deceased old English woman who died in Fethiye. İsmail Y came to Turkey and applied to Fethiye Police Department. İsmail Y arranged a meeting with the suspects in a park in Fethiye while a police officer accompanied him pretending he was his brother.



The conmen first paid İsmail Y real money so that he would check. Confirming the money was real British Pound, the police made a move to catch the conmen by the time İsmail Y was taking the forged money in return for 50 thousand TL. 2 suspects tried to escape for a while and then were arrested by the police.

The police found and confiscated forged bankrolls and 30 thousand TL in their bags. Hakan O, one of the suspects, was arrested as he was already wanted for another crime. The other suspect was released on condition of judicial control. İsmail Y, who came to Fethiye and helped the police catch the suspects, returned to England after the operation.

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