He Found A Cave Instead Of Mushrooms

24th, 2012
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In Fethiye, a cave of thousands years was discovered formed by stalactites, stalagmites and travertine.

A nature lover citizen walks around to find mushrooms and discovers a cave ten meters below the ground all by chance.  The cave is as if a reminiscent of nature’s treasure and continues up to a depth of 50 meters from the earth within the woods of Fethiye. The cave has a width of 2-3 acres and stalagmites of different shapes formed by the drops of water poured over thousands of years from the ceiling are dazzling. Several small caves are intertwined up to a depth of 50 meters in this natural treasure, and stalactites and stalagmites shine in almost every corner.  To date, no one has noticed or seen the cave and once brought in to tourism, the value of tourism in Fethiye will be improved. 57 year old Celal Karadağ, a retired man, has discovered the cave with a friend 5 years ago when searching for mushrooms. He informed Fethiye and Muğla Governors about the place, but he could not get any reply. Then he called Osman Nuri Otgöz FETAB President of the Association of Service and he immediately started examining the newly discovered cave. The cave entrance is quite steep, about 8-10 meters and it is only possible to access with the help of a rope just like mountaineers.


Osman Nuri Otgöz said the cave should be introduced to tourism. “It is just gorgeous. Unique in our region. At the moment, it is dangerous to enter the cave, however, once the region is landscaped, it is a true natural treasure. Authorities should start scientific search immediately and then the cave should serve touristic purposes.”

Celal Karadağ who discovered the cave five years ago in search of mushrooms said: “I told this matter to the authorities before. However, nobody was interested. As soon as I mentioned about it to our FETAB chief, he ignored all the work he had to do and immediately came to see the cave. He said this was a great place for alternative tourism in Fethiye.  I want to ensure the allocation and operation of this place in my name. I will apply for this. I discovered the cave and been trying to reach the authorities for five years.”

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