He Starts a Petition against the Price Increase at Tunnel Göcek

25th, 2016
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The amount of tolls have increased 33 % in Göcek Tunnel, the only tunnel which you have to pay to use in Turkey and situated on the highway between Muğla and Antalya. A petition has been started on social media for Göcek Tunnel to be free.

The price for 1st degree vehicles has increased from 3,5 TL to 4,5 TL; from 4,5 TL from 6 TL for 2nd degree vehicles, from 7 TL to 9 TL for 3rd degree vehicles, from 10 TL to 13 TL for big vehicles, from 1,5 TL to 2 TL for motorcycles.



Citizens started protests and petitions on social media after the raise of toll collection in Göcek Tunnel. The petition has been started on Change.org and the letter will be sent to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, the firm operating Göcek Tunnel and General Directorate of Highways with the slogan, “Make Göcek Tunnel Free.” Some citizens invited everyone for the demonstration in Göcek Tunnel to protest toll collection on January 31, Sunday between 02.00 p.m. and 04.00 p.m.



Kamil Ayhan Öner, CHP Dalaman District President, invited people to protest the toll collection by not using Göcek Tunnel and said, “They have increased the amount of toll collection again. They take money from any vehicle passing through the tunnel randomly. Would not they make Göcek Tunnel free? It was a big lie. They even hdang a banner announcing that Göcek Tunnel would be free with their other lies before June elections. We invite all our people to our demonstration and not to use Göcek Tunnel.”



Mehmet Orhan, AKP Dalaman District President, said they followed the issue closely: “Our negotiations with the constructor firm carry on for making Göcek Tunnel free. However, we have not come to terms so far. Although the second tunnel has been completed, it cannot be opened due to our on-going discussions with the related firm. We are following this issue very closely to make our promises come true as the Justice and Development Party. We hope it will be sorted out in a month.”


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