“His Last Words Were ‘I Can’t Breathe, Help Me’”

19th, 2012
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51 years old Mehmet Bent who worked as a guard on a touristic beach in Fethiye called 112 and was found dead in his cabin after saying ‘I can’t breathe, help me’ on the phone. The event took place at Big Samanlık Beach of Fethiye at about 04.30 today. Working as a porter in winter and chef in summer, Mehmet Bent called 112 Emergency Service Station and told them he had breathing problem. Bent hung up the phone, got up from the bed, took a few steps and fell to the floor before reaching the door. 112 Emergency Service teams that came to the beach in nearly 10 minutes found Mehmet Bent lying on the floor. Bent who did not respond to the emergency teams was announced dead. The police teams started an investigation and searched for his cabin. The teams have discovered that Mehmet Bent, divorced 10 years ago and was a father of 2 sons, had been living on the beach alone for 6 years. It was also stated that Bent was frequently short of breath but did not accept to go to the hospital.
The guard dog of Mehmet Bent, named ‘Babi’, did not leave around the cabin during the investigations. People around the place were saddened to see the dog turning inside the room in which Bent lost his life.
The night porter Ömer Tunç from another side of the beach said he last saw Mehmet Bent in the evening. Tunç explained he said hello and left, “He was sitting and solving puzzle while I was driving near him. I said hello. He had been sick for a long time. He did not accept our offer to take him to the hospital. He was one of my best friends, I am very sorry.”
The body of Mehmet Bent was taken to the hearse of the Municipality and put into the morgue of Fethiye State Hospital to be delivered to his family. (FG)

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