Historical Bridge Seydikemer Town Celebration

19th, 2012
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The fact that Kemer District of Fethiye has been turned into a town officially, named as Seydikemer town and taken 5 districts and 24 villages into its borders as part of the Metropolitan Law Draft published on the Official Gazette was celebrated with a flourish of trumpets. Seydikemer Town of Muğla is one of the 23 new towns with the law bringing 13 provinces into the metropolitan status nationwide. After taking 24 villages and Kadıköy, Eşen, Karadere, Kumluova, Seki Districts into its borders, Seydikemer has become a new town with 60 thousand people population and there was a festive air in the town with this news. Banners written “We appreciate our councilmen Yüksel Özden and Ali Boğa who turned our district in a town” and “Congratulations Seydikemer Town” were hanged at the centre and entrance of Seydikemer. 20 people band played flourish of trumpets all day at the square and citizens danced with the Nationalist People’s Party President Cafer Arıkan. The players went on a city tour after the dances.
Cafer Arıkan made an announcement from the municipality’s speaker and wished good luck to Seydikemer town.
Arıkan made a speech to the journalists and said, “We have finally become a town. We are very happy. The economy of the town will recover. When 5 districts and 52 villages are included in our borders, our population will rise to 60 thousand. We want to welcome our first district governor next month enthusiastically. I would like to thank everyone for contributions.”
Seydikemer citizen Doğan Hıra said, “We had been waiting to become a town for years. We are very happy now. We danced to celebrate this event. Now we are waiting for our new district governor.” Another town citizen Ahmet Topaloğlu said, “It is great to be a town. We will have our own hospital and other institutions. We had been waiting Fethiye to be a province and Kemer to be a town for 20 years. We have become a town. Our only dream is to see Fethiye as a province. Our region will revive now in a very short time. We are celebrating this event with flourish of trumpets today.” İsmail Kocakaya and Turgay Yapıcı also added they were delighted to be a town and thanked everyone for their contributions.(FG)

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