Holding On To Life With 100 Grams Of Liver

24th, 2012
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78-day baby Şerif Ali is holding on to life with a 100 gr. donated liver transplanted into his body.

As soon as his birth, baby Şerif Ali had started to wait for liver transplantation, and in short time he was succesful to hold on to life with a piece of liver transplanted by reduction method. Associate proffesor doctor Murat Kılıç said that the baby would lead a normal life. “We have practiced the reduction method on a cadaver for the first time. Şerif Ali is only 2.5 months old but holding on to life like an adult.”

Organs of 19-year old Nil Buket Gülergin who was killed in a car accident were donated by her family and she gave life to Şerif Ali, third son of Pembe and Saim Gökçe who live in Fethiye. 20 days after his birth, the baby was diagnosed with liver malfunction and needed transplantation. His mother was a porter of Mediterranean anemia and was not suitable for transplantation. Then they got a news from İzmir about a donor. Liver of a 19- year old girl was suitable for the baby, and Şerif Ali was transported to İzmir State Hospital. Dr. Murat Kılıç said it was such a misfortune that the baby had acute hepatite A before he was 10 weeks and the liver failed. His blood type was zero, and to find a suitable donor was almost a miracle. The doctor said “The baby was 2 months and only 5 kilograms.  We had to reduce the suitable liver. When we seperate a liver into two, you can transplant the 70% to an adult, and the rest to a child. The smaller part of the liver was 250 gr. and still too big for Şerif Ali. We reduced the piece to 100 gr. and did the transplantation.”


Dr. Murat Kılıç said they had done such transplantations for 2-3 months old babies, but rest of them had health problems after the operation. However, all went fine with Şerif Ali and he will be discharged from the hospital in 10 days. Dr. Kılıç said “We used to execute  reduction method on live donors only. This was the first time we practiced it on a cadaver.”

Baby’s mother was so happy that his son will be able to lead a normal life. She said “When I first had the news that they found a suitable donor, I fainted. People should be more responsive in organ donation. Everyone’s children and loved ones should live a healthy life.”

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