Holiday Joy in the Air, on the Land and Sea

12th, 2013
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Fethiye- Havada, karada ve denizde tatil keyfi5_640x425Domestic and foreign holiday-makers jumping from world famous Babadağ with paragliding feel the excitement to fly with birds and some of them throw themselves to the beaches taking the advantage of hot weather. While the sea temperature got measured 25 degrees in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz Belcekiz Beach has been swarmed by holiday-makers. Those who are exhausted from heat get cool in the sea and those who want to get a suntan sunbathe on the beach. The people of Fethiye running to the sea and taking the advantage of closing of the schools enjoy the hot weather and the sun with the holiday-makers as well.
While the situation on the beach is like this, the sky looks colourful thanks to paragliding pilots. Domestic and foreign holiday-makers going to 1965 m Babadağ made tandem flights with pilots. Holiday-makers watching the unique view of Ölüdeniz from the sky for almost 30 minutes felt the adrenaline during the sharp manoeuvres of paragliding pilots. South Korean holiday-maker flying with the paragliding pilot Engin Sarıkaya screamed because he was scared of heights at 1500 m high. The pilot calmed his passenger down and landed in Ölüdeniz Belcekiz Beach safely.

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