Hotel Construction Confirmed at Erendağ Ski Centre

17th, 2013
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There is good news for Mount Eren Winter Sports Centre which is an attraction centre for skiers and ski lovers. The Project predicting a hotel construction in the region has been accepted on November 27.
Mount Eren is ready to be one of the most significant ski centres of our country. The centre welcoming the ski lovers with both teleski system and runways has reached a new level with new accommodation opportunities this way. The facility to be opened by investments within the next years will have an active role in making a name of Mount Eren. The facility at the centre had been damaged by the fire last February. There are no accommodation opportunities right now.
Mount Eren, the centre of attraction for citizens in winter, will be in service for ski lovers from the beginning of the New Year. The snow depth of ski centre where all the arrangements of runway and teleski has been competed has reached 60-70 cm. Mount Eren Winter Sports Centre is a region visited by skiers. Having been flocked by visitors especially at weekends, Mount Eren welcomes 500-600 people on Saturday and Sunday.
The road to Mount Eren gets closed when it snows. Although construction equipments open the road, they aren’t enough. The Winter Sports Centre Administrator Karadeniz Sports Tourism Director and Previous National Sportsman and Trainer Şeref Elbil noted the transportation problem would be solved in case of business continuity and Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin and Fethiye District Governor Ekrem Çalık was closely interested in the project.
Mount Eren Winter Sports Centre Administrator Karadeniz Sport and Tourism Director Previous National Sportsman and Trainer Şeref Elbil explained, “We are starting our arrangements from the beginning of the new year. Our runways and teleski system is ready now. Snow depth is about 60-70 cm for now. People come here for snow trekking and sightseeing at weekends. We are welcoming nearly 500-600 daily visitors on Saturdays and Sundays.”
Elbil stated the hotel project had been confirmed and said, “The hotel project at our ski centre has been confirmed on November 27, 2012 by the General Directorate of Forestry and Land Registration. We don’t have any accommodation opportunities due to the fire outbroke in February last year. We have sent a report to Provincial Special Administration Directorate for the cleaning of roads. We have demanded the roads to be asphalted for easy transportation to Mount Eren. Our Governor and District Governor are closely interested in our project. We are expecting the support of the people of Fethiye. We can reach more people if the road problem is solved. We are in service at our ski centre with cafe, ski renting, boutique, snowboard and ski instructor. We are expecting more attention with the beginning of the New Year. Thanks everyone who supports our works.” (FG)

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