Human Compassion for the Wild Duck

11th, 2012
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3 wild duck puppies whose mother were run over on the road in Fethiye were adopted by 50 year old İsmail Karakaya. Karakaya carried the pups 60 km. in a cartoon box, and tried to get them swim in a washbowl. Unfortunately, pups neither swam nor ate anything and Karakaya had to deliver them to Animal Shelter.
Karakaya was on the when mother of three pups were run over on the mainroad to Antalya, 60 km to Fethiye. He put the pups in a small box and brought back home at Patlangaç quarter. Karakaya said he was ready to take in charge the care of the pups, but he was afraid that they might die because he could not feed them. He had to ask for help from the shelter. “I could not leave them on the road, They were waiting by their dead mother, it was impossible for them to survive. It was so sad and I took them with me. They are not eating anything. Maybe vets in the shelet can do something for the pups.”
Zabıta team from Fethiye Council took the pups from his house to take them to Fethiye Animal Shelter. They will be looked after there, and when they are ready, they will be back to nature.

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