Ice Cream to the Cat

27th, 2013
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Kediye Dondurma15 year old Cemil Karcı makes his cat named “Dirty” which feels exhausted from the heat at 40 degrees eat ice cream 4 meals a day. High school student Cemil Karcı residing at Menteşeoğlu Village of Fethiye took a newly born cat that he found 6 months ago from the street to his home. Karcı named his cat “Dirty” and started looking after the cat with his 18 year old sister Aysun Karcı. When Aysun Karcı who was eating ice cream last month gave the ice cream cone to the cat watching her hungrily and saw that the cat being exhausted from the heat was eating the ice cream. Having been astonished to see this, Karcı and his sister started buying ice cream for the cat every day. The cat eats ice cream 4 meals a day to get cool at 40 degrees in the town and has become the mascot of the children in the village. Children share their ice cream with “Dirty.”
Cemil Karcı explained they found the newly born cat in the street and its favourite food was ice cream. Karcı added that “Dirty” wanted ice cream after every meal, it liked chocolate and strawberry ice cream but its favourite was vanilla ice cream.
6 year old Gizem Karcı, the cousin of Cemil Karcı, explained she had to share her ice cream with the cat all the time and said, “Sometimes I buy ice cream and come here. The cat tries to reach the ice cream in my hand. Then I can’t stand to see it like that and give it the ice cream. We have run out of ice cream for Dirty. It eats almost all the ice cream we buy. It doesn’t ask for any other food except ice cream.”
Vet Doctor Enver Aykırı from En’pati Veterinary Clinic explained that they did not mind the cats eating ice cream however eating too much cold food might be harmed animals as well as people. Aykırı noted that extremely sweet food might be caused visual impairments, besides, if the cat was given too much ice cream regularly, obesity and tooth problems might be seen as well as eating disorders. Aykırı added that they should be stayed away from chocolate ice cream having cocoa in particular and the cat eating too much chocolate ice cream might be exposed poisonings due to alkaloids.

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