In Search For Support To Erendağ Ski Center

21st, 2012
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The road to Erendağ ski center in Seki, Muğla is not opened yet, and those who come to ski have to go back.

Seki Mayor Veli Yıldız said that the road should be opened immediately, and they need accomodation facilities as soon as possible. “It is sad that Seki Erendağ has the thickest snow with three meters among other ski centers, yet, it is not open to tourism up to now. Roads are bad and noone is able to go to skiing. We will ask our minister Ertuğrul Günay for the betterment of roads and the construction of an accomodation facility. Otherwise, skiing is not possible here.”

“Ours is a ski center with no roads and no facilities. People who come to a ski center surely want to ski and have fun, spend money. Unfortunately, we have no roads up there to ski, and no facilities to spend money. When it snows, all roads are closed. When it doesn’t, nobody comes. The center has two caterpillars at the moment, but instead of opening the roads, they are stuck in snow themselves. We need immediate suport.”

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