Incredible Natural Event Recorded with an Underwater Camera

17th, 2015
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İnanılmaz Doğa Olayını Su Altı Kamerasına KaydettiLütfü Tanrıöver, 45 year old director of underwater photography diving in Fethiye, recorded a video of a transparent egg mass at 22 m deep and 4 m wide with his camera.

Tanrıöver said they were fascinated by the magnificence of this mass. Lütfü Tanrıöver dived into Af Kule Diving Area with a group of 4 on July 9 and encountered an incredible natural event. Having found a transparent egg mass with the size of a car in 22 m deep, Tanrıöver turned his underwater camera on and started recording. Surprised by what they saw, the diving group examined the transparent mass that looked like a “water bubble” with a flashlight and noticed little white spots inside the mass. The amazement on the faces of divers having seen the transparent mass was also recorded by the camera. Tanrıöver uploaded the video of the mysterious object on the internet with the hope of finding out what it is later.


‘I’ve seen it for the first time’

Lütfü Tanrıöver explained he has been taking underwater photos and recording videos for 15 years and it is the first time he has seen such a big object. He said he found the mass 4 m wide while he was diving as usual, “At the moment we came out of one of the underwater holes, we encountered a mass 4 m wide which we could not make any sense. We all gathered around it. No one could understand what it was.” Tanrıöver asserted they encountered a very rare natural event that no one has ever seen before, “I have never worried when we first saw it. We noticed several particles in it. We were fascinated by its magnificence. I recorded it on a video for about 15 minutes. They say it is the egg of a squid. We assume it is a mass formed with a thousand eggs. They say it should have been under deep waters. I think it came adrift and reached shallow waters.”


‘The World’s Biggest Egg Mass’

Dr. Michael Vecchione from the USA National Museum of Natural History watching the video said the interesting mass looked like the egg mass of a red flying squid with Latin name ‘Ommastrephes bartramii’. Dr. Vecchione also explained it could be the world’s biggest egg mass. However, the number of eggs inside the mass has not been announced. On the other hand, the website Deep Sea News reports that it is not a common natural event because squids 1.5 long do not normally leave eggs this way. Dr. Danna Staaf, a squid expert and science writer, was the only person who had recorded a similar mass 4 m wide in the Gulf of California in 2008. It is reported that the number of eggs in the egg mass of Humboldt squid, one of the most dangerous squids in the world, is between 600 thousand and 2 million.


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