Inhales lighter fluid and losses his life

16th, 2012
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Having inhaled lighter fluid, the fifteen-year-old high school student, Berkan Şen, lost his life. The incident took place in Kesikkapı District, 111 Road, and House Number 23. Berkan Şen, the tenth grade student at the Religious Vocational School, came to visit his friends from Kaş. After having a chat with his four friends, he went for a stroll and started to inhale the lighter fluid he bought from the market. Feeling sick suddenly, Şen fainted.
They think him asleep
The friends of Berkan Şen who came back after a thirty minutes stroll found him faint and lying on the floor. The four children between the ages of twelve and eighteen started to get suspicious after they sat silent for two hours in order not to disturb their friend who was sleeping. Having tried to wake him up, the children saw that Şen did not react and called the emergency service teams for help.
Coming to the scene, the health teams detected that Berkan Şen had already lost his life. Fethiye Public Prosecutor who came to scene with the Police sent the corpse of Berkan to İzmir Forensic Institution after the examinations. Two lighter fluids that carried the boy off were distained upon by the police while the children at the house were taken to Fethiye Police Headquarters in order to take their deposition. A broad investigation was started by the police and it was stated that the cause of death would be clear only after the autopsy report.

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