It is Claimed Military Boat Sunken for Touristic Purposes Damaged

17th, 2015
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Batık Botu Hurdacılar Dinamitle Tahrip Etti İddiası Asılsız ÇıktıAn investigation has been launched into claims that the Coast Guard boat, 40.2 m long, which was sunken to develop diving tourism and create reefs with the supports of District Governor and Fethiye Underwater Association in 2012 was damaged by dynamites and some parts of the boat was stolen. A civil diver was assigned by the District Governor Ekrem Çalık and dived into the sunken ship for investigation. Çalık said to press members after the investigation that using dynamite or another explosive in the sunken ship was out of the question. The upper part and deckhouse of old American type Coast Guard boats are aluminium and the lower part of the boat is iron, explains Çalık and states that materials exposed to saltwater for a long time oxidised and corroded. Çalık points out that this is the reason of the destruction on the sunken ship and it is natural. Çalık noted the location of the sunken ship was open to all kinds of sea incidents: “Due to the heavy storm in our region in winter 2014-2015, the sunken ship was exposed to corrosion, the materials in the upper side were scattered and no trace of dynamite was found in the sunken ship. Although the sunken ship fell apart, none of the materials were lost. Explosion or larceny is out of the question; however, nets left by fishermen are a risk for divers.”

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