Jellyfish is the produce of pollution

3rd, 2011
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Jellyfish is increasing in Fethiye region as well as in our seas in general, and they are said to be the produce of pollution.

President of the Chamber of Maritime Commerce Şaban Arıkan said that main reason for the increase in the number of jellyfish is the pollution. “We have established 24 waste reception facilities in Fethiye and 10 in Göcek, and bilge are taken from the boats. The system is well settled and next year we will be able to determine the amount of waste each boat produce. Jellyfish is the result of pollution. With the settlement of our system, the risk of jellyfish will decrease. In Göcek, Fethiye around 12 thousand boats are sailing a year.”

“what is jellyfish?”

As a result of pollution and unconscious fishing, jellyfish is increasing. In contact of  jellyfish with skin, health problems emerge. In such cases, scratching the skin or to wash with fresh water is very wrong. You should consult a physician immediately. Jellyfish is one of the most unpopular creatures of the sea. In contact with human skin, it can cause strong itching and allergies, shortness of breath, muscle and bone aches, and occasionally severe poisoning. Jellyfish means a polluted sea, in general.

There are three main reasons for the presence and proliferation of jellyfish in our waters. First is the warming of Mediterranean and Turkish coasts. Along with the warming, a large number of jellyfish and other poisonous fish are coming towards our shores from Suez. As a result of great ships arriving to our ports without a cargo, dumping of ballast waters outside the port, these creatures can be seen in our waters.

The second reason is pollution. As the result of contamination, it settles into the sea and reproduce at the appropriate temperature.  Their life span in general is not even a month. The third reason is the unconscious fishing. Fish population is  reduced as a result of unconscious fishing and pollution, and because there is no fish left eating jellyfish-eggs,  population of jellyfish get out of control. Unfortunately, due to pollution and uncontrolled fishing, Black Sea and the Mediterranean is going towards a system of jellyfish concentrated seas, rather than fish seas.

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