“Jumble Sale Should be Made Twice in a Month”

27th, 2012
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 The jumble sale which is opened every first Wednesday of the month carries on attracting attention. Citizens selling their products at the market say, “There is great enthusiasm here. Instead of carrying out once in a month, this market should be opened twice in a month.”
The jumble sale which is opened every first Wednesday of the month at the closed area of the Tuesday Market by the Municipality of Fethiye attracts great attention. While 70-800 stalls were being opened at the first times of the jumble sale, almost 200 stalls were opened this jumble sale yesterday. As well as citizens, tourists show great enthusiasm to the jumble sale opened every first Wednesday of the month. The market started to be opened on July 2009 and has reached 200 stalls now, which makes both stallholders and citizens happy.
Citizens and tourists who would like to find what they are looking for with cheap prices show great enthusiasm and can’t wait for the next jumble sale anymore. Citizens may apply to the Municipality to open stalls at the market after the 15th of the month for the next jumble sale. People of Fethiye sell their used clothes and furniture and hand-made products such as jewellery and souvenirs at this jumble sale. Sellers contribute to their family budget and consumers can find cheap products this way. It is not allowed to sell unused first hand products, electronic devices, mobile phones, white goods, CDs, cassettes and food at the jumble sale.

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