Karaot is The Most Ideal Place for Boatyard Area 

4th, 2016
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Platform of Fethiye Professional Organizations Union of Forces held a meeting to give information in connection with the project for the Boatyard and Place of Manufacturing planned to be built in Karaot. 

Bülent Taşan, Manager of the Cooperative for Yacht and Boatyard Manufacture and Constructors and Social Facilities and Management, gave information regarding the ongoing project and the process so far.

The extraordinary meeting of the Platform of Fethiye Professional Organizations Union of Forces took place in collaboration with Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Levent Çimen, Term Chairman of Union of Forces and IMO Fethiye Representative, Günay Özütuk, Vice President of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Council Speaker Osman Çıralı, Şaban Arıkan, DTO Fethiye Branch Manager, Vice President Mehmet Eskici, DTO Speaker Murat Öner, Kenan Karayiğit, President of Chamber of Agriculture, Mehmet Soydemir, President of Chamber of Merchants, Hikmet Selçuk, TURSAB Centre Executive Board Member, Süleyman Kaya and  Abdullah Koyuncu from TURSAB Western Mediterranean, Bora Sarıca from Fethiye Branch of Muğla Law Society, Gökhan Güngör, Çiğdem Özel, Bülent Gündem from Fethiye Branch of Chamber of Architects, Sermet Ünel, Fethiye Representative of Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Mehmet Erdi, Fethiye Representative of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, IMO Fethiye Representative Tolga Çeşmeli and Gürcan Özkan, Ali Çelik, Vice President of the Assembly of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Bülent Taşan, Manager of the Cooperative for Boatyard Area Building attended the meeting.

Levent Çimen, Term Chairman of Union of Forces, made the opening speech and noted they held the assembly to discuss the location of boatyard: “The Boatyard Area Building Cooperative is to make a presentation for this issue. The Chamber of Architects had stated that they were not sure Karaot was the right place for boatyard area. We wanted to find out how this project to be implemented in details and whether it would damage the nature, and then asked everyone’s opinions. The current place does not look ideal for the boatyard area, either. We have come to the agreement in our platform meetings that a boatyard area is one of the greatest necessities for Fethiye.”

Cooperative Manager Bülent Taşan gave information regarding the process of boatyard area project so far. Taşan stated the current place was not the ideal place for boatyard area and managements also worked without license in the current area: “The current area is a tourism facility area; for this reason, no renovations are allowed. While the boats were being taken out of the sea, it prevents traffic for a long time. It causes serious problems. People working there have no life safety. Boats cannot be protected well, either. The boatyard area should be moved out of town.”

Taşan indicates that the project has continued since 1996: “Public institutions have made researches in 13 regions from Göcek to Fethiye. The area of Şat Restaurant was an option, however, it was understood with the research that it was a wetland area. Later on, researches were requested from 5 universities for the location of Karaot. Following the results of this research, Karaot has been decided to be the best place by 13 institutions and organizations including the late Oktay Ekinci, President of Natural Heritage Preservation Board. Karaot or other places were not our own proposal. We only wanted to do our job and improve the maritime sector. Later on, a cooperative has been opened for the implementation of the Ministry Project. A system to affect the environment as least as possible is being considered.”


Taşan stated that the sea is extremely polluted in the current area: “The new project will enable a system where oiled woods are not used.  Boats will be taken from the sea by a wheel system and they will be left to the sea with the same system. Construction areas for boats will be concrete. Here, wastes of paints and oil will be prevented to flow into the sea and soil. Safety measures will be taken against fires. The project will be implemented in an area of 73 acres, away from Lake Akgöl. We have been working for the project for 14 years but surprisingly, we are still waiting for the improvements. We have won the last court case. Fethiye really needs a boatyard area. Big boats in Fethiye have to be taken to Marmaris and Rhodes for maintenance in the current situation.”


Bora Sarıca from Law Society reminded that the location was not good ecologically, either. In the event that the current area continued to be used, the gulf would be even more polluted, says Architect Bülent Gündem and adds, “Let’s find a better solution. Have any precautions been taken to prevent pollution in the project? Is the sea going to be filled? More information is needed.”

Şaban Arıkan, DTO Fethiye Branch Manager, said wastes would be destroyed as the building permission plan predicted. In the marinas in Göcek, this is done neatly and that area could be reorganized if required.

Murat Öner, DTO Fethiye Speaker, thanked everyone for attending the meeting and said, “You lead us for a more accurate and meticulous planning. The current area is not ideal. There is no safety. It continues polluting the gulf every single day. It does not matter for us where the boatyard to be built. We only want a proper place so that we can do our job. We are working hard to make Fethiye a better place for our children. Support us for a better project instead of preventing it.”

Members of the Chamber of Architects in Fethiye stated they did not have detailed information and worried if the promises would be kept. Cooperative Manager Bülent Taşan added that they would send the project to the Chamber of Architects for their thorough examination.


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