Kayaköy’s Destiny to Change

7th, 2013
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kayaköy akif arıcanKayaköy Commission which was founded with the initiatives of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Akif Arıcan is about to change the destiny of Kayaköy with all the arrangements related to Kayaköy. A big change is starting in Kayaköy which has been abandoned to its fate since 1924 with the decisions including the division of Levissi District with the other areas, revision of building permission plan, building an accommodation facility with 300 beds at Levissi District and restoration of two thirds of the rest of the areas by the firm which has secured the tender in order to open the area to the local people. The building permission plan has been controversial as it has not been accepted for years and unknown restrictions have turned heaven into hell for the people living in Kayaköy. People driving even the smallest nails have been punished and they could not even make their children build houses. Most people even had difficulty in repairing their houses. The lack of the building permission plan has caused illegal constructions. Some built illegal houses, paid their penalties and some just watched them build houses. Kayaköy Commission whose members are the Chamber President Akif Arıcan, AKP District Vice President Burhanettin Tuna, City Planner Ercan Çınaroğlu, Architect Ulaş Arıkan and village headmen, has started working first with finding the source of the problem. The reason why the building permission plan accepted years ago is not put into practice has been revealed. Considering the land area and Levissi District together in Kayaköy has been detected as the main problem. In other words, while Levissi District must have been in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the land area must have been in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, both ministries tried to have the right and voice in both areas so the problems in Kayaköy had become unsolvable.

The case has been closed after speaking to Ertuğrul Günay, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. At the result of the report, the point of view of the public bureaucracy to Kayaköy problem has changed and the problems for both areas have been divided. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has made the tender of Levissi District on March 26, 2013. According to the specifications of the tender, an accommodation facility with 300 beds is to be built and the firm getting the tender is to carry out the restoration at the two thirds of the other areas to open the area to the local people.

Problems concerning the arrangements which have been made for the building permission plan at the land area so far have been conveyed to Muğla Governance and Natural Heritage Preservation Board. The council demanded the requests of the people of Kayaköy to be reflected on the building permission plan without spoiling the historical structure.  At this point, the Natural Heritage Preservation Board updates the plans related to natural sites in Kayaköy.

“Follow-up of the problems brings solution”

The Chamber President Akif Arıcan maintained the problems might have been solved only on the condition that they must have been followed closely and explained, “We have tried to reveal the values in our region and remove the unjust treatment with the friends in our commission without expecting something in return. We wanted to share where we have come from and where we have reached so far for the solutions of the problems with our projects. If you follow a problem to solve it, you get the results. State Hydraulic Works had announced their projects. They used to say Kayaköy would be flooded and the State Hydraulic Works always made projects to prevent it. We asked about the result when we could not hear anything about the project. When we found out that it could not have been made, we went to Aydın Region with our Muğla Councilman Ali Boğa after we had returned from the fair. Technical teams have come now, talked to our mukhtar and project is in the process of arrangement. We have seen that the reason of the plugging at the building permission plan problem has been caused by the ministries. We have talked to the former Ministry Ertuğrul Günay. He has withdrawn the case. Our arrangements continue to remove the annotations on the deeds at the land area.”

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