Keramettin Yılmaz Enthusiasm at CHP (The Republican People’s Party)

27th, 2013
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SONY DSCÖlüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz made a press release at the Republican People’s Party District Presidency and officially announced his nomination candidacy for Fethiye. Yılmaz stated in his press release that he introduced the Social State Municipalism to the people in Ölüdeniz. Yılmaz maintained they brought service to every citizen without making any discrimination during his duty as a Mayor in Ölüdeniz: “We have carried out significant projects for environment. We have 3 blue flags today by means of our projects. Ölüdeniz has become the world’s leading brand in tourism with the international events that we have carried out. By winning the local elections in Fethiye in 2014 as a mayor, we will introduce the Social State Municipalism to the people in Fethiye as well.”


Yilmaz maintained they were to win the local elections as the Mayor Candidate in Fethiye in 2014, “We will win the elections not only in Fethiye but also in Muğla and Seydikemer. After winning the elections, we are going to make Fethiye and international arena. We are going to make Fethiye an international culture centre. We will bring significant contributions to the social and cultural life of our citizens living in our town.”

Yılmaz noted the votes to be casted to the Republican People’s Party would be important in local elections and said, “Every vote you are going to cast to CHP (The Republican People’s Party) has a vital role for the TurkishRepublic having hard times these days. Thanks to your votes, we will introduce the Social State Municipalism to the people in Muğla, Fethiye and Seydikemer. I would like to thank everyone supporting me today; especially our party’s Provincial and District Mayors, Göcek and Seki Mayors, the former Mayor Candidate Ahmet Çaçaron, Fethiye Municipality Council Member Veli Pabuşçu, Ölüdeniz Municipality Council Member Ünsal Erişken, businessman Atabey Akgün and all the other friends.” The Republican People’s Party District President Emrah Doğu pointed out that Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz was a successful mayor: “Our party has not won the local elections for 20 years in Fethiye. We will win the local elections in 2014 in Fethiye, Muğla and Seydikemer.” Having announced his nomination candidacy officially, Keramettin Yılmaz welcomed everyone coming to the press meeting at the party’s District Presidency.  Due to the great attention, Yılmaz thanked the attendants. The youth and party members gave flowers to Yılmaz. FG)

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