Know your body, eat less and drink lots of water

21st, 2012
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Maintaining your health is not very hard. What you should do is remain free from stress, eat a balanced diet and wear clothing that is appropriate to the season.

Don’t compromise on your exercise schedule or quality sleep, and use little salt. A healthy diet, regular exercise and regular health check ups are all essentials of a healthy life. You should also be mindful of certain things in order to stay healthy year-round. Here are some tips to keep healthy throughout the year:

Ease your mind: If your mind is filled with problems, your body and social life become troublesome, too. You need to pay attention to not affecting our mental health negatively with concerns regarding the past, present and future. If you dwell on issues that you have no control over, you may become demoralized, and your physical health may fail as a result. You need to consider your desires, skills and resources. Being satisfied with doing the best you can and seeing what will happen next will allow you to adapt to any kind of situation. Know your body: You should definitely know the answers to these questions: How much do you weigh? What percentage of body fat do you have? How is your skin — does it change in color? In other words, become aware of your body and know your body well. If you are aware early of changes taking place in your body, whatever the ailment you are experiencing may be, doctors and treatment will be more helpful to you.

Eating less is better than overindulging: The body works as a whole, just like an automobile. If one of the wheels is damaged, various parts of the car will become damaged one after the other. Eating is one of the most important daily bodily activities. It is important whether you “eat to live or live to eat.” Actually, both may become possible with a little adjustment. If you are eating less of the fatty foods that you like and meeting the needs of your body through healthy, non-saturated foods, then you are most likely on the right track. For instance, if you are fond of eating pastries, then have them in small amounts, with healthy foods, such as salad, on the side; this would be proper eating behavior. Additionally, there are some nutrients that your doctor might recommend in order for you to avoid illness. Keep in mind the more you follow such recommendations, the healthier you’ll be.

Put away the saltshaker: Many diseases, particularly atherosclerosis, are caused by unnecessary and excessive salt consumption. It is important to refrain from salt consumption, which accelerates the process that leads to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Know that you will able to appreciate the real taste of the foods you are consuming when you get rid of salt, which conceals the original taste.

The changing weather

Using an umbrella is better than getting a prescription: Changing weather requires us to change, too. There is a German saying, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” You should have your eye on the weather forecast and don clothes that are appropriate to the season. You will find that having an umbrella may be more useful than taking medication. Consuming sufficient seasonal vegetables and fruits, which are filled with the vitamins and nutrients that you need, will also protect your health.

Drink lots of water: Drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Just like the amount of water added while cooking rice alters the extent to which rice is cooked, the amount of water you intake will alter your bodily functions. Drinking enough water paves the way for the body to work as well as it should.

Be active: As if verifying the sayings “Movement brings about productivity” and “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” the body is a structure that was created in order to move. Paying attention to your physical activity and being active during the day are essential to being healthy.

Sleeping is a restorative remedy: Try to get enough and good quality sleep. Just like a battery being recharged, your body renews itself during the night.

Don’t be afraid of seeing the doctor: As a society which grew up fearing doctors — because we were told by our Turkish parents during our childhood that the doctor would give us a shot if we misbehaved — we need to overcome this fear. If you consult the doctor before your symptoms get worse, you may be able to get rid of the ailment that is bringing you down, resulting in the most minimal medical intervention necessary, as opposed to a complicated treatment spanning a long period of time.

* Dr. M. Nafiz Karagözoğlu is a physician working with İstanbul Memorial Hospital’s internal medicine department.

Resource: Today’s Zaman

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