Look What That Thief Has Done

3rd, 2014
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Seydiler Village of Seydikemer District has been miserable as they could not use their phones. After the telephone cables were taken underground in Seydiler Village of Seydikemer District, the telephone cables were stolen by unknown people and the phones disconnected. Seydiler Village Mukhtar Mehmet Güven wants this issue to be solves as soon as possible: “Seydiler Village is 2 km to Seydikemer District. Underground telephone cables were wired here in 1991. The wiring was completed in a month but thieves stole our underground cables. Our phones do not work since September 22. I went to Turk Telecom in Fethiye to speed up the subscription process for electrical installation.  2 months have passed and yet there is no phone connection but we still receive the bills. Thieves steal the cables, the government robs us. We are stuck between the thieves and government. We suffer and no connections on the phones. There is a gravel pit in the village but no work without the internet and telephone. As a mukhtar, I don’t have the internet connection so I cannot supply the certificate of residence and we have problems. When we ask the authorities in Fethiye, they say it is going to be today, if not tomorrow and they keep ignoring us. We don’t know when it is going to be for sure. I want my citizens not to suffer anymore. I demand from the authorities. I don’t know if they leave the manhole covers on road construction works or they steal the covers but they are always open and we are afraid that they might cause an accident.”

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