Lorry Hitting a Dog Overturned: 2 Injured

26th, 2013
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Lorry loaded with gravels which hit a dog suddenly overturned and the driver got injured. The lorry driver 33 year old Serkan Şahbudak and his passenger Durmuş Çatal (28) got injured. The accident happened at around 04.00 p.m. at Gerişburnu Area of Kemer District. According to the claims, a dog came out of nowhere and while the dog was trying to cross the street, the lorry with the license plate number 48 PD 612 driven by Serkan Şahbudak and coming from Antalya to Fethiye hit the dog. After hitting the dog, the driver lost the handling of the vehicle so the lorry overturned. 15 tons of gravels loaded on the trailer scattered around the road and the dog died. The driver Serkan Şahbudak and his passenger Durmuş Çatal got injured and Fethiye-Antalya highway was closed to traffic temporarily. The injured were taken to the ambulance by 112 Emergency Service teams and brought to Fethiye Public Hospital. It was announced the injured were taken under treatment and their conditions were not critical. The police checked the scene, took the security measures on the road and the transportation carried on from the side road under control. Gravels in the vehicle body were evacuated with a digger. The lorry was lifted with the help of a lifter and the transportation went back to normal on the highway.

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