4th, 2015
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Sefa Altınay, Executive Board Chairman of Union for Directors of Travel Agencies, said many people would suffer in tourism at the end of 2016. Altınay said 2015 was a challenging year for tourism and businessmen of tourism worked hard to load capacities in crisis. Altınay stated they got used to this type of crises: “We got used to this type of crises in this region. Everyone appreciates our practical methods in crises. Our loss reached $2 billion at the end of September this year. This means 8.5 % of the income. Facilities having a good name in tourism did not have so much loss while other facilities suffered a lot.”


“Bankruptcies are Possible”

Sefa Altınay indicated the bad situation in tourism might cause bankruptcies and added: “Terrorism and economic crisis in Russia unsettled 770 travel agencies in Antalya. Some agencies have gone bankrupt. Managements which are not corporate had problems in 2015 and dealt with financial problems. 75-80% of travel agencies have been seriously affected. If these problems continue next year, a great deal of them might go bankrupt. Many of them might have to transfer and close their business. Holiday sales in Germany, the biggest tourism market of Turkey, remained under 14 % and Paris attacks worried many businessmen in tourism. People cannot even go out of their homes in Europe because of Paris attacks. Europe is facing terrorism. Safety comes first in Europe these days. Sales from Germany have almost stopped after these attacks. Other countries have been affected as well.”

Altınay stated Turkishopen Golf Tournament and G20 Summit went very successful in Antalya: “If Expo 2016 becomes successful, it will reflect on tourism as well. The contributions of these organizations to Antalya are vital. G20 organization which lasted 3-4 days brought €200 million to Antalya. We should discuss how we can turn these organizations to tourism and income.”

Altınay indicated that service and price had been discussed in tourism in the last 4-5 days: “Security comes first rather than service and prices in European tourism. Tourism cannot be successful in places having no safety. Northern Africa is in trouble for this matter. The unrest in Eastern Mediterranean affects us seriously as well. I hope we will have a peaceful time in 2016.”


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