Marriage Proposal in the Sky

15th, 2015
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gokyuzunde-evlenme-teklifi-7407593_x_oEmrah Tok, 32, who would like to propose to his girlfriend Aslıhan Baydar in Fethiye flew by paragliding and opened a banner on which “Aslıhan, will you marry me?” was written in the sky. Emrah Tok who lives in Fethiye made a plan to propose his girlfriend Aslıhan Baydar with whom he met 1.5 months ago. Tok went to the runway on 1200 m on Mount Babadağ 1965 m high with his girlfriend and they had tandem flights by different parachutes.



Emrah Tok wrote “Aslıhan will you marry me?” on a banner and opened it in the sky. The couple landed in the special area on Belceğiz Beach hugged each other. Tok repeated his marriage proposal giving Baydar the ring and became very happy when he got the answer “yes.” Emrah Tok explained that their flight was on delay due to bad weather circumstances and he was very happy to propose in an extraordinary way. Aslıhan Baydar said she was surprised by the marriage proposal and she was very happy.

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