Mayor Saatcı Presses the Button in Ölüdeniz

23rd, 2014
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turizmcilerle toplantı (3)Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi gathered all the tourism administrators in Ölüdeniz which has been taken into the boundaries of Muğla Metropolitan Council and discussed the problems of the region. Mayor Saatçi emphasized the quality in tourism in particular at the meeting attended by most of the tourism administrators in the region and said, “We offer rooms with 7 points in a world brand like this. It should not be like this. We have to put this place on the market with 60 pounds” and maintained that they should work hard to bring more quality to tourism and everyone should take their responsibility. Mayor Saatçi shared the planned projects for Ölüdeniz with tourism administrators.

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi organized the meeting where tourism administrators and all the council directors attended. The meeting took place in a very sincere atmosphere while Mayor Saatçi expressed his thoughts about Ölüdeniz with the participants.


“Neither We Nor Our Friends Created Ölüdeniz”

Announcing the poll results related to Ölüdeniz, Mayor Saatçi pointed out that tourism administrators, businessmen and citizens should give priority to substructure. While poll results were presented to participants with cinevision, Mayor Saatçi stated that extra buildings were built next to almost all hotels in the region and these buildings were identified. Mayor Saatçi noted that he had no business with the past, and yet, things were disorganized before, “Our goal was 2015 and beyond. Now how can we develop the economical values of Ölüdeniz? We will struggle for this. We are not in a different position than you as a municipality. We are all part of a whole. If you win, we will win too. If you are happy, we will be happy too. We are not trying to do things despite you. Neither we nor our friends have created what you see on cinevision show.”


 “Our Principle is not Based on Excuses”

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatcı indicated the problems caused by the new metropolitan law on his speech as well. “After Ölüdeniz was accepted in the Agency for the Protection of Special Area in 1988, these problems started. We have no other thought but to increase the economic income of Ölüdeniz. Otherwise, we would not care about what will happen in Ölüdeniz after the metropolitan law. But our principle is not based on excuses.”


 “There is no legal administration in Ölüdeniz!”

“I would like to express one thing with you. There is no legal administration in Ölüdeniz. There is no place suitable for architectural project and setback distance. No free space is left by adding one extra room, floor and place. Only roads are left. You are the one to increase the value of this place. You have seen that you cannot bring more value to Ölüdeniz by adding an extra room in the roof areas. See this cinevision. This photo was taken from this area. I do not want to mention their name. It is written, “Vacancy.” There cannot be any vacancy in Ölüdeniz. Ölüdeniz is reserved one year before the season.”


 “All Facilities Must Be Legal”

Mayor Saatçi carried on his speech: “We went to the meeting of the Agency for the Protection of Special Area. There will be 15 % increase in current rates. After this increase, we must make our facilities legal. We should check every building for illegal constructions. We receive a lot of complaints from tourists visiting this region. They say, “We enter our room by stooping.” Is it what you expect in Ölüdeniz? We are not the owners here; you are the owners of this place. We will try to give you the best service here.”

Mümtaz Kökten, The Director of Tourism Development Cooperative, said, “Ölüdeniz is really in a terrible condition. We should solve these issues together. We are ready to take our responsibilities for every matter.”

After the speech of Mayor Saatçi, the council directors shared the projects to be implemented based on the requests of citizens. Later on the meeting, tourism administrators shared their problems and thoughts with Mayor Saatçi.


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