Ministry Determined for the Tender of Göcek

14th, 2015
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Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs stated that the tender process continues for renting the unique bays of world famous Göcek including Akbük, Taşyaka and Göbün for 10 years and it is definitely out of the question that these places will be permitted to constructions and natural and historical areas will be destroyed.

Regarding the bays contracted out before, Muğla Administrative Courts had granted a motion for stay of execution after the winners of the tender were announced. The decisions were revoked after the objections of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, consequently the tender process has restarted. The contract had been accepted for 29 years, however the bidders did not sign the contract due to high fees and the process has been restarted for renting the place for 10 years this time.

According to the tender announcement on the website of Muğla Regional Forestry Department, the bidding is to take place between September 16 and 17. The tender will start with 150 thousand TL for Little Sarsala Bay (1.18 hectares), 250 thousand TL for Göbün (1.14 hectares), 250 thousand TL for Akbük (1.04 hectares) and 52 thousand TL for Taşyaka (1.93 hectares). The people of Göcek and Muğla carry on protesting the insistence on the tender and yet, the Ministry has announced that the process continues.



Some media organs reminded the claims that Göcek Bays would be permitted to constructions with the tender, some people would make benefits from this tender and nature and history would be destroyed. The announcement of the ministry regarding these claims:

“Recreation areas in this region are not permitted for any construction or facility except plans. These areas are considered natural protected areas within the area of Göcek-Fethiye Special Environmental Area. They are also bound to the Coastal Law Section 3621; the current facilities may only be opened after renovations and permissions are required from related institutions to build new facilities. For this reason, there will be no destruction in the bays. Otherwise, the contracts are cancelled at once. 138 recreation areas not providing good services to our citizens have been closed in 2015. We had received complaints regarding the beaches which were managed as a recreation area although they are not recreation areas. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs has turned these bays to Type C Recreation Areas, which are the shortest scope facilities. It is not possible to build hotels at Type C Recreation Areas based on our current regulations. The parties getting the tender have not signed the contract; for this reason, the tender process has restarted for these bays. Permission for construction in these areas, making benefit of these beaches for particular people or destroying nature and history is definitely out of the question.”


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