Miracle Rescue

7th, 2013
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Fethiye- 1400 metreden 3 metrelik ağacın üzerine düştü213 m tree saved the life of Ukrainian parachuter. He fell from 1400 m on 3 m tree. 33 year old Ukrainian Vadim Haritonov whose parachute was closed during the flight fell on a 3 m tree. Haritonov held on to life hanging on the tree and was rescued by gendarmerie and AKUT (the Search and Rescue Association) after 9 hour operation. Ukrainian computer programmer Vadim Haritonov who came to Ölüdeniz on Thursday for 11 day vacation wanted to jump from world famous Babadağ with paragliding. Haritonov went to the 1700 m runway of Babadağ which is 1965 m high at about 02.00 p.m. yesterday and made a single flight after his arrangements. After a smooth departure, the Ukrainian pilot started landing in BelcekızBeach, however he was caught in turbulence at 1400 m. While he was trying to get out of the turbulence with thermic turns, the left part of its wing closed asymmetrically and he started falling suddenly. He fell on the 3 m tree at 1200 m Kocatepe Area.  The parachute pilot got injured hitting the rocky ground and stuck on the tree when his parachute wrapped around the branches.


Parachuters seeing the fall of Haritonov reported the situation to the gendarmerie and Turkish Air Association Flight Control Committee to ask for help. Ölüdeniz Gendarmerie Police Station detected by walkie talkie that Haritonov was alive and teams went to the scene to rescue the parachuter. The gendarmerie reached the runway at 900 m in KozağaçVillage by a vehicle and started climbing the steep area to reach Haritonov. After 3 km walking, the team reached Haritonov at about 04.00 p.m. and found him hanging the tree. Haritonov whose left arm was broken and left ankle was injured was taken to the Emergency Ambulance. His arm was kept to splint and he was also inoculated but he cried in pain during the treatment of health teams. When it was stated that Haritonov could not walk despite the first medical treatment, AKUT Fethiye Teams came to help. 8 people AKUT team came from Fethiye to Kocatepe Area at about 05.30 p.m. and started arrangements to take Haritonov to the stretcher. Haritonov’s Ukrainian friends came to the area at this moment and started arrangements to get the parachute from the tree. Being taken to the stretcher, Haritonov could have been taken down to the ambulance in 6 hours due to steep rocks and forest area. The Ukrainian pilot who was taken down the 900 m by AKUT team and gendarmerie at about 11.30 p.m. was taken to FethiyePublicHospital by ambulance. Haritonov was taken under treatment and it was announced his health condition went well.


Haritonov told what happened during the fall and explained the wing was closed during the flight due to the wind. Haritonov said the parachute moved forward suddenly and he could not save it as he was flying near the rocky area so he fell. Babadağ Take Off Director Turcan Karadağ maintained they followed the fall from the top and said, “When the parachute started falling, it fell since the altitude was low. The pilot’s arm is broken and his foot has got injured. There is no life-threatening situation. The gendarmerie and emergency service teams carried out the first respond. AKUT Fethiye Team is helping him be taken down.”


Turkish Air Society Flight Control Committee Director Sedat Çakırca explained other parachuters near the control office in the area informed the accident and they detected his location with the help of parachuters in the sky. Çakırca said there was not too much damage as the pilot hit the tree and they found him hanging on the tree when they reached the scene.

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