Most of 900 Complaints Come from Ölüdeniz

27th, 2012
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Most of the complaints received from Fethiye Region include noise and environmental pollution. 179 Tourism Call and Information Centre which was opened as a part of Muğla Governorship receive complaints mostly about noise and environmental pollution. A big part of 900 complaints sent via phone and e-mail are the requests of foreign citizens living in Ölüdeniz. Muğla Governorship opened 179 Tourism Line at the beginning of 2009 to increase the service quality and the call centre gets hundreds of complaints. Giving service in English, Russian, German and Turkish, the call centre has become a centre for the foreigners in Fethiye to share their complaints. 488 applicants applied via phone in 2011 from Fethiye. The number of e-mails sent to the centre is 422. Most of the complaints are received from Ölüdeniz by phone and a significant number of these complaints include noise pollution. 200 of 488 complaints are about noise pollution and 59 complaints are about environmental and sea pollution. 21 people have also complaint about commissioning and 18 people have complaint about high prices. The number of people applying the call centre to get consultation is 17. According to the information of Muğla Governorship, most of 422 complaints sent by e-mail are about noise pollution. The noise factor comes from loud noise coming from entertainment centres and ongoing constructions in the town. Foreigners also complained about the noise of their neighbours other than the loud music of administrations by e-mail. Illegal property sale, problems in maintenance processes are also significant complaints received at the call centre. Complaints received by e-mail are as follows: Problems caused by real estate companies, problems at municipality services, noise pollution, bad service quality of administrations, assault, harassment and robbery tips, bad situation at product sales and bad treatment to street animals. (FG)

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