Motocross Rider from Fethiye Comes 3rd

12th, 2013
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1043986_548910685168198_1343543950_nTurkey Racetrack Championship 3rd Etape Races have finished. The success of Yahya Nazlı who participated in the races from Fethiye delighted everyone. Harun Çabuk came 1st, Besim Taşyüz came 2nd, Yahya Nazlı came 3rd at the races. Turkey Racetrack Championship 1st Etape Race took place in Serez Racetrack in Greece between May 4 and 5. Although Yahya Nazlı has come 3rd at this race, he slipped and fell since the tyres were not race tyres and could not get any points in that race.
The 2nd etape race of Turkey Championship took place in İzmir Ülkü racetrack between May 18 and 19. Yahya Nazlı arranging his motor suitable for the race and preparing for the races better completed the race in 2nd place. Turkey racetrack championship 3rd etape races took place in İstanbul Park between June 26 and 27. After the technical controls in the morning of June 26, racers trained for 15 minutes and raced at the qualification laps. Yahya Nazlı completed the qualification laps in the 5th place. On June 27, he started from the 5th place and completed the race at the 3rd place among 17 racers. Even though he could not get any points from a race so far, he is in the 2nd place at general classification. There are 4 more races until the finale. The 4th etape of the race is to take place in Istanbul Park again between July 2 and 3.
The name of the race category is 125 cc, however, several kinds of motorbikes from 170cc to 250cc may join the races. Yahya Nazlı is 28 years old and married. He started racing professionally with this race. The racer joins the races with completely his own efforts. His biggest problem is the high cost of races and he cannot get any support from anyone. Nearly 150 racers participate in the races from all over of Turkey. Many racers join the races with the sponsorship of the municipalities of the towns and cities that they live. Considering the cups that he has won, he expects the Municipality of Fethiye to support him so that he can announce the name of Fethiye the best way he can and support races on the racetracks instead of racing in the street.

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