Motorcycle Hit By a Jeep in Fethiye: 2 Deaths

19th, 2012
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Alcohol and excessive speed caused an accident in Fethiye. The driver who was claimed to have drunk alcoholic drinks hit a motorcycle and caused two people to die.
The accident occurred at Eşen District Çukurincir Village Gökçukur Area at night. Having drunk alcohol in a bar, Ali Güvenç (60) changed lanes with the effect of alcohol and excessive speed by jeep with the licence plate number 48 H 7707 on the road to Kaş and hit the motorcycle without a license plate number driven by Serdar Keş (30) coming from the opposite direction. Motorcycle driver Serdar Keş and his friend İrfan Kakız (33) who was on the motorcycle as a passenger were driven away from the road with the impact of the crash. Two friends died during the accident and motorcycle turned into a wreck. Jeep was damaged as well.
Çukurincir Village people who heard the accident came to the scene and gendarmerie took security measures to prevent another accident with district traffic teams. Jeep driver Ali Güvenç has been taken under custody by gendarmerie. After the preliminary examination of the Chief Public Prosecutor in the middle of the road, the bodies were taken to Fethiye State Hospital for autopsy. It was explained Serdar Keş and İrfan Kakız who died at the accident were working as porters at the greengrocer. The accident happened while they were going for dinner after loading vegetable boxes in a truck.
Jeep driver and former Village Mukhtar Ali Güvenç who caused two people die at the accident was 150 promile drunk.After the accident, Ali Güvenç answered the question of journalists on “How the accident happened as: “A motorcycle was coming before me. Another car came from the opposite suddenly. I don’t remember the rest. I drank a little. At the usual dose I have been drinking. I am very sorry.”
Çukurincir Village Mukhtar Servet Yılmaz explained no one saw the accident and said, “2 villagers who was working as carriers at greengrocers lost their life while driving for dinner to Eşen District because a drunk driver hit them by his car. We had such an accident for the first time.” Villager Birol Çetin also said, “When we came to the scene, the bodies were lying on the ground.” (iha)

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